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  1. I am currently trying to add Synaptics SMBus Driver but Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. I went to http://drp.su/drivers/notebooks/?v=Toshiba&m=Satellite%20C55-A&id=184426&l=en to try and download the driver but cannot navigate the web page to download the driver.
  2. Okay, I think I've disabled Online Armor at startup. Now I need to figure out how to install the driver. Device Manager the option I have is to Update Driver but being that it was uninstalled it does not recognize any driver to update. There is no option I can find to reinstall a previous driver that I can find at this time. The Roll Back Driver button in Device Manager under the Driver tab is not active (greyed out).
  3. Thanks, stapp. I am stuck in the Administrator: cmd.exe window right now. Not sure how to get out of it except maybe a hard reboot. When it restarts it may go back to this Administrator: cmd.exe window. Also, I got to this Administrator: cmd.exe.window by going to Advanced Startup and Choosing Safe Mode. I originally chose just Safe Mode, which didn't seem to do anything because when I went to install the mouse driver again the Online Armor Autorun popup came up and again I could not choose 'Allow'. The second time I tried to Restart in Safe Mode with Command Prompts. Not sure if that is why I am going to this Administrator: cmd.exe window. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks again, stapp, Silent.bro and GT500. I am trying to start in Safe Mode and am at an Administrator: cmd.exe window with a C:\windows\system32> prompt. Is this correct or did I do something wrong? If correct, what do I type at this prompt? If incorrect, what should I do? Thanks for your patience!
  5. Thanks everyone for the help. Still no luck. I tried to uninstall Online Armor, but again have no control over the Program shutdown pop up box that asks me to confirm the shutdown of Online Armor, again asking to Allow or Block. I cannot do anything with this box except look at it. It seems like any Online Armor interface on my computer cannot be accessed or controled by the keyboard commands. Still at a loss with what to do.
  6. Thanks again Silent.bro. I realize now that I already had that keyboard control you suggested. I just cannot navigate to the Online-Armor Autorun detected popup. I cannot get into that box. I try Alt plus 'A' to engage the 'Allow' box but get no results. Again, I can navigage through other boxes like Task Manager, Device Manager, abd the Control Panel to Turn On Mouse Keys you suggested. I can engage and use those boxes by navigating with arrow keys, etc. I cannot even get into the Online-Armor Autorun detected popup. All I can do is look at it and read it, in other words. I appreciate any suggestions.
  7. Thanks, Silent.bro. Do you think your suggestion will work if I do not have a mouse driver installed? I will be able to try in a few hours but was wondering if you know if installed mouse driver is needed? Thanks again!
  8. Hello. Thanks for replying. I am able to Alt key and tap Tab to navigate through to other applications, like Device Manager, Task Manager and many others, but cannot get the Online Armor notification into focus.
  9. Hello. I am having mouse/touchpad issues with my laptop. I currently have no mouse control and tried to reinstall driver. To do so, I need to click 'Allow' in the Online Armor Autorun Dialog Box that pops asking me if I should 'Allow' or 'Block' the driver installation (see attached image). I can navigate to most anywhere on laptop with keyboard but cannot get to or do anything in that Online Armor box. My computer is useless until I can click the 'Allow' box. I will take any suggestions. Thanks.
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