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  1. I am thinking of renewing my Emsisoft Antimalware license for 2 years. I only have one PC, so I want to just get a 1 PC license but I might buy/build a new computer within the next two years to replace the one I have now. Would I be able to continue to use a 2 years license on the replacement PC during that license period? Or would the 1PC 2 year license not work with the new PC if I had started using it with the old replaced one?
  2. Same with me. I let it restart for a 3rd time today. I checked the version number before it restarted. After rebooting, the version number is still the same: I assume this update snafu would not compromise its protection. Someone at Emsisoft please confirm?
  3. Same it is doing it to me also. Rebooted twice and now it asks to restart system again.
  4. Emsisoft Malware was in the Q2 2014 test. It and Kaspersky were only ones to block 100% with no fails in the Q2 test. In the latest MRG Effitas 360 Assessment Q3 2014 test, Emsisoft Malware, nor any Emsisoft product, was not tested. Why?
  5. I just want to confirm please. While looking at my user files, I noticed a EurekaLab s.a.s folder under AppData/Roaming. Under its bug report folder is only one folder a2start.exe which I am pretty sure is part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Is this something Emsisoft likely installed - please confirm. Is it needed by Emsisoft? Thanks for any help.
  6. Nice. Thank you. I like it resetted, so I can quickly check if new ones after I investigate and clear logs.
  7. On the right side of the front screen of Emsisoft under "Logs", it shows the "# of malware objects detected so far." If you click on that link, it shows you in logs what they were. In my example, it is some blocked IPs. If I clear my "Surf Protection" logs, where nothing is there anymore, the front page still list the same number of malware objects detected so far. Is there a way to clear that front page notice on the number of malware objects detected so far after you exam and clear your logs?
  8. Update. I got another one, but I can't reproduce it, so not sure what caused it exactly - I was just reading logs in Emsisoft.
  9. I am not getting this now but late yesterday I got these errors after anything I did in Emsisoft (opening log reports, changing any settings, etc.) I tested on my other computer, and it did it also. Both are Windows 7 x64. Around Midnight (US Central time zone) neither computer did it anymore. And today I have seen any of these errors even after playing around with Emsisoft to see if it would occur again. With it stable now, should I uninstall and then reinstall Emsisoft to make sure it was not damaged by this bug?
  10. Thanks. It was updated twice today. I noticed earlier today and when I tested again, WAC no longer alerts that Emsisoft is not running after boot now. Hopefully it is fixed now : ) Thank you very much for fixing this.
  11. Thanks. With no version change, is there a way to know when mine is updated to it?
  12. Thank you. A question please: What is the version number, and when will it probably go live?
  13. Sorry I cannot run a debugging log - do not have Emsisoft on my main computer anymore. I hope to return to Emsisoft when the problem is fixed (I like it and have a new 1 year license I just started using) but I can not run a log now, sorry.
  14. I installed Emsisoft Antimalware on another Windows 7 x64 of mine and works fine. WAC does not alter that Emsisoft is not running on it. Since it worked fine on my other computer, I thought perhaps a new installation of Emsisoft on my main computer would fix it but after uninstalling and reinstalling Emsisoft on my main computer, WAC still alerts that Emsisoft is not running after booting - so problem still exists even after reinstalling. Also of note, the main difference between these two computer, besides faster processor is that my main has a solid state drive. Could the rapid bootin
  15. Is there an Emsisoft uninstall program that thoroughly cleans Emsisoft Anti-malware from a computer? If not, will the regular uninstall leave parts of Emsisoft that might interfere with other antivirus programs?
  16. Same as me. My WAC alerts me that Emsisoft is not running as soon as WAC comes up after about 3 to 4 minutes after booting when WAC first comes up. After WAC is making the alert about Emsisoft not running, if I open Emsisoft and close it, the Alert goes away - I guess that forces Emsisoft to tell Windows its status. Also, if I do not open Emsisoft and let the red x on WAC continue, the next time Emsisoft updates, the alert goes away.
  17. My Emsisoft is now and WAC is still stating that Emsisoft is not running after rebooting. I am using Windows 7 x64. Just as before, if you open Emsisoft screen and close it, the WAC alert goes away, but the WAC alert for Emsisoft does still come up after rebooting even in the version.
  18. Windows Action Center still alerts me that Emsisoft is not turned on. I confirmed that I had version I then rebooted my computer. When WAC icon came up it was red and after clicking it, it stated that Emsisoft was not running for virus protection nor spyware. I then opened Emsisoft, and confirmed again that it is is I am using WIndows 7 X64.
  19. Mine is doing that also (Emsisoft stating that it is only partially protecting - I think it does this while it is updating), along with Windows Action Center stating that it is not working. The former is worrying me. Is Emsisoft not fully protecting computers? It is troubling to think Emsisoft has lapses of non coverage throughout its running.
  20. I thought the WAC icon was taking longer to show up lately. Thanks for finding the cause. Knowing it is simply the delay of the WAC executing makes me feel more comfortable.
  21. I rebooted, got alert and did manual Emsisoft update and alert went away. I first noticed it on updates yesterday. So it seems Emsisoft's update status is probably trigger this alert of Emsisoft being turned off someway.
  22. Thanks. I like Emsisoft and want to keep using it - I just feel uncomfortable with the WAV alert. If you would not mind please confirm the following: 1) You have same problem on you test machine (it is not just me)? 2) It is purely cosmetic (no risk of Emsisoft not fully protecting as it is designed to do)? 3) The problem is in schedule to be fixed but might be a whole new version (a year or so away or could it be an interim update)? Thanks for any attention to this that you can offer.
  23. I wrote a message yesterday that WAC was altering that Emsisoft was turned off during updates but now it all of the time (after a few minutes after booting into system.) This all started after I updated my trial license to my paid license yesterday. After I first noticed it, I uninstalled Emsisoft and reinstalled with new license. It seemed to do it only during Emsisoft updates after that but I never rebooted after that. Then today, after booting from a shutdown last night, WAV was showing Emsisoft turned off all the time (after initial boot it showed nothing but a few minutes la
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