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  1. I have not tested, but besides the incident earlier where it was on all the time after I updated my licenses which happened until I uninstalled/reinstalled Emisoft, every time the WAC is doing this, Emsisoft is updating, but I do not think WAC does this every Emsisoft update (my guess.) Some updates take longer than others. So I suspect (I do not know how to test) that on longer/larger updates the length of time to update is long enough to trigger the WAC event, while on short fast updates, it does not trigger it but that is purely a guess by me. Hows does WAC monitor the status of an
  2. Thanks for answering. I have updates set for 30 minutes, so they are not too old. WAC does the "not turned on" notification while Emsisoft updates. Also, of note. I just updated my license in Emsisoft, and noticed WAC was on even when Emsisoft was not updating. I uninstalled Emsisoft and reinstalled it, and now WAC only does it when updating.
  3. I am using WIndows 7. I noticed every now and then that my Windows "Action Center" will have a red flag. I click on it, and it tells me that Emsisoft is not turned on. I will then check Emsisoft and find it is processing an update. Emsisoft states "Your Computer Is Protected" but again the Windows "Action Center" states that Emsisoft is turned off and then as soon as the Emsisoft update is done, the Windows "Action Center" shows everything is okay again. So is Emsisoft still protecting my computer while it updates or is it really turned off during that process? If it is protecting
  4. Thanks. I got the 3 computer, 1 year box today and sent you the license key in a private message. Please confirm it is valid and how much time I have to activate it.
  5. A retail store near me has a 1-year, 3 license Emsisoft package at a very good price. I plan to buy two of them. I understand, Emsisoft support can merge those key togethers, but what I am wondering: could you verify the licenses and the window to activate/merge them? I have a few months left on a promotional key that, from my understanding, could not be merged, so I do not want to use the purchased keys now, but I want to know: (1) if they are valid, and (2) what the window of activation is on them (how long do I have to activate them to get the one or two years, if merged, time from
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