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  1. Everything seems to be behaving ok now, thanks. When will it be ok to go back to stable updates?
  2. Reinstalled EIS, updated to
  3. Sadly, still crahed. Minidump attached.... 111815-8265-01.zip
  4. I did revert back to the stable option after the beta update and reboot. I'll try again leaving beta enabled and report back.
  5. vers; still crashing even when Jaksta program uninstalled.
  6. Installed beta update, sadly it crashed again.
  7. I've uninstalled, downloaded latest version and done a fresh install and all seems ok now.... so far! When it updated before , it prompted to reboot but i postpned it, so maybe the delay caused a problem? UPDATE: Spoke too soon, just crashed again! Oh well sure you guys will find a solution.
  8. Since the recent update, I keep getting a blue error screen which mentions "fwndislwf64.sys" then reboots.
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