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  1. Everything seems to be behaving ok now, thanks. When will it be ok to go back to stable updates?
  2. Reinstalled EIS, updated to
  3. Sadly, still crahed. Minidump attached.... 111815-8265-01.zip
  4. I did revert back to the stable option after the beta update and reboot. I'll try again leaving beta enabled and report back.
  5. file attached... 111715-7171-01.zip
  6. vers; still crashing even when Jaksta program uninstalled.
  7. Installed beta update, sadly it crashed again.
  8. I've uninstalled, downloaded latest version and done a fresh install and all seems ok now.... so far! When it updated before , it prompted to reboot but i postpned it, so maybe the delay caused a problem? UPDATE: Spoke too soon, just crashed again! Oh well sure you guys will find a solution.
  9. Since the recent update, I keep getting a blue error screen which mentions "fwndislwf64.sys" then reboots.
  10. Yeh it seemed to install for me but it's not on my pc! Just tried again and it's now installed, hopefully without the spyware.
  11. Many thanks. I did block it but the installation would not complete.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to install a program called Manycam, but during installation, EIS blocked, "wsetup.exe" as a dangerous process. I've Googled but not found much info. Can anyone please confirm if it's a false positive and Manycam is ok to install? Thanks.
  13. Think I may of solved the problem. I noticed that the option to use the printer offline was selected. Turned that off and now works. I had already looked at the printers properties and settings for such options but it was hidden away on a menu when attempting to print a document. So yet again it's windows at fault and not the fantastic Emsisoft! Though it's strange that when I removed EIS it worked ok.
  14. I have a Canon wireless printer which worked fine with Emsisoft Antimalware, but since updating to EIS, the printer shows as being in offline mode when I attempt to print.. I've tried reinstalling everything with the printer but it only works wireless when EIS is removed, so I guess the firewall is blocking it? EIS is at default settings. Here's a pic of how the firewall settings look...
  15. I'm having the same problem. Not uninstalled OA, will wait for a fix.
  16. I had a hdmi cable connected to my tv, but never setup/used since installing Win8. Was always a pain to get working in Win7! Just strange only OA was effected.
  17. Just noticed that my display settings were set to dual display. Changed to single and OA opens ok now. So it was Microsoft, no Emsisoft at fault!
  18. I recently installed Windows 8.1.1 and reinstalled my Interner Security Pack. The problem is I'm not always able to open Online Armor from the taskbar icon. it just opens another icon in the main taskbar which will not respond to left clicks, but right clicking works ok. I tried reinstalling OA but still happens. Antimalware works fine.