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  1. I did Datastor's recommendation. It seems to fix the problem. But I have not fully tested it. I will not be able to do so until four day from today. I also followed your instructions above and am including the "fixit log". Fixlog.txt
  2. I have EMSISOFT internet security, version 11.0, on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, service pack 1, and with no other security applications. Protection components are not operating except for firewall' Lucent
  3. Before I got your reply, I did a fresh install. Updated is now working. BUT now message is: a computer resource problem prevents loading essential protection components.
  4. I have EMSISOFT internet security version 11.0 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit service pack 1 with no other security applications. After 85 days of storage, I get the following message: "Could not connect to the update server." The internet connection is fine and there are no proxy settings. The laptop is otherwise working very well. I am unable to get any updates. How should I proceed? Lucent
  5. When computer goes into sleep mode, it can't be awaken. After about 5 to 8 minutes, computer crashes (bsod) and then goes to error recovery screen. Attached below are three minidump files created after the above situation 120914-13447-01.dmp 120914-13525-01.dmp 120914-14180-01.dmp Thank you, Lucent
  6. The hot fix seems to stop all blue screen crashes except when the computer goes into sleep mode. At that point, there is always a blue screen crash. Lucent
  7. Basics: Emsisoft Internet Security (EIS), Ver.; ----- Windows 7 Home Premium, Service pack 1, 64 bit os. ------ No other security software or hardware. After receiving a new license for EIS, I deleted Anti-Malware and On-line Armor. Then I downloaded and installed EIS. A Blue Screen crash occurred after the install. I rebooted several time and in each case the Blue Screen crash would take place after shorter and greater times with no visible reason for crashing. The same behaver followed with several fresh downloads and installs. . Attached are several mini-dump files. Thank you for your help ....... Lucent 120514-19250-01.dmp120514-18969-01.dmp120514-15646-01.dmp120514-18642-01.dmp120514-15038-01.dmp120414-15147-01.dmp
  8. Quite mysteriously the error message in question no longer appears. I re-activated self protection and rebooted it over a two day period several times. No error message appeared. No sign of any difficulty with EAM is apparent. I want to thank everyone that has help with this difficulty. Lucent
  9. 1. Yes, I have unticked activate self protection. 2. I can now restart, and stop the EAM service when it is in Started status. Before unticking , all were grayed out. The status of the service has always read started upon entrance of services. If I stop the service, then the options are: start. 3. I do still and only get a2framework.dll error message at boot of the computer. I do not get it by first stopping the service and then starting (or restarting it) in services with a 10 minute interval between stop and start. 4. Yes, the EAM icon is not in "show hidden icon" accessed by clicking the little white triangle. I have to manually click on it to get it there. Thank you for getting back so promptly.
  10. When I untick activate self protection, then go to EAM in services, the present status is start. When I right click start, all actions are grayed except stop and restart. Prior to this, all actions were grayed out. When I right click restart the, the following message appears: Service Control -- Windows is attempting to restart the following services on Local Computer: EAM 7 -- Service. If I click stop when status is start, same message is comes except stop instead of restart. If I stop the service and the restart it again there is no appearance of the original error message. Also, the program doesn't appear in tray after restart and has to be manually started. Still no appearance of error message. I am waiting 10 minutes after each action. Lucent
  11. All actions are grayed out including stop and restart. Clicking on any one has no effect.
  12. I did as you directed. The start option was grayed out. Clicking on it had no response. No error message. EAM status was listed as started. Startup was listed as automatic.
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