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  1. No matter how I set the notification box, the edge of the box seems cutoff. If I have it set to the right then the right side of the box seems cut off. I have a 27" monitor running 4k resolution so I am sure the program does not like this resolution. Is there a fix for this issue since some alerts are hard to see? If you allow the alert box to be dragged it would be great! Thanks
  2. All other firewall vendors I have tried do not have this issue and Online Armor has had this issue for many months yet it still not corrected. Online Armor opts to be safe however, it is to the contrary as it leaves your OS in a vulnerable state where most people will never know!
  3. I am running the latest version, and you have still yet to fix Windows Update being blocked and having to run OA in LEARNING mode to allows Windows updates. I have reported this issues since version 6.x.x.xxxx and you still have not fixed it. Is it time to dump OA or will EMSISOFT stop thinking they OWN the OS and fix their software to allow Windows Update. If you don't your OA is putting my computer in harms way but not allowing automatic updates of the operating system!
  4. Where is the support on this? Is the safe to run? Summary: Autorun detected: {4ED3A719-CEA8-4BD9-910D-E252F997AFC2} Description: {4ED3A719-CEA8-4BD9-910D-E252F997AFC2} Event type: Autorun(10) Event action: Allowed(2)
  5. I am running multiple PCs with Windows 8.1 and none of them can get Windows Updates. The updates download and start to install then Windows gives an error that it cannot complete the updates and is reverting. Nothing I have done in OA including shutting it down allows the updates. ONLY if I uninstall OA will the updates work. This is not good and I would like some information from EMSISOFT as to why this is happening. I am ready to provide any information you need. Thanks
  6. I am using an HP 8600 Plus network printer and when Online Armor is enabled, I cannot print. The driver uses HP Re-Discovery Port Monitoring and it seems Online Armor is blocking it. However, there is nothing in OA's logs and I cannot find a setting to allow the printer. If I shutdown OA, printing works perfect. I already have trusted the IP/MAC of the printer I have tried installing the printer during learning mode (does not help) I have tried printing during learning mode (does not help) Please advise as what I should allow or trust to get this working. Thanks
  7. I am not sure why my post was deleted but I have no issue asking the question again. I get the same alert and I have Windows 8.1 Professional. Please advise if this autorun is safe to allow or should it be blocked and if so, why? Thanks Mark
  8. I get the same alert from Online Armor. This is on a brand new installation of Windows 8.1 Professional. It pops up at least 15 times even though I block it (not sure if I should) and check the box to remember the block. Can EMSISOFT explain what this registry entry is and is it safe? Thanks