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  1. I re-installed Windows 11 and when I installed Emsisoft, it installs but the little green icons multiply then go away then start to multiply. This happens over and over and renders my PC almost useless. I have uninstalled Emsisoft , rebooted then ran emsiclean then rebooted again. I ran emsiclean again and it said no trace of emsisoft found (or something like that). I installed Emsisoft again and same thing happens. Little shields multiplying and CPU goes to 100 percent. Has anyone run into this issue and if yes, what was the fix?



  2. Emsisoft popped up the following message and also logged in it.

    7/26/2021 9:51:17 AM
    A notification message "Please re-authenticate this device with our Emsisoft user account to connect to your MyEmsisoft workspace.Learn more" has been shown


    Does anyone know why as I have 440+ days left on my license?



  3. I have a brand new PC with Windows 10 Pro. Each time the PC goes to sleep, when I try to resume it, the screen comes back but nothing is responding. I have to power down the PC then back up and things work fine until it sleeps again. I did a recovery of the PC to get it back to the original out of the box config. I installed software one piece at a time and only when Emsisoft is installed is when the issue happens. I recovered the PC again and this time I only installed Emsisoft and no other software. Again, the PC goes to sleep after no use for 15 minutes but when it resumes nothing responds. Is there anything that can be done to debug this issue to help figure out a fix?

    FYI no existing A/V is installed after each recovery.



  4. Hi There,

    The mobile app and its features are great. However I did find what I call a bug with the app. Since central.emsisoft.com requires a gmail account to log in, there is a problem. If you lose/misplace your phone and have 2FA enabled for gmail like I do, you will not be able to access central.emsisoft.com to locate the phone or wipe it remotely.

    What are you thoughts on this?



  5. Hello


    I renewed my desktop Emsisoft and opted for the mobile as well. I received the receipt from Emsisoft and my PC app updated its expiration date as well as the my.emsisoft.com portal. But I did not get an activation code for the mobile app nor does the mobile app show in the portal. I was told by chat support to wait a day but that does not seem right. Is there anything else I can do to get my activation code?




  6. No matter how I set the notification box, the edge of the box seems cutoff. If I have it set to the right then the right side of the box seems cut off.

    I have a 27" monitor running 4k resolution so I am sure the program does not like this resolution. Is there a fix for this issue since some alerts are hard to see?

    If you allow the alert box to be dragged it would be great!



  7. I am running the latest version, and you have still yet to fix Windows Update being blocked and having to run OA in LEARNING mode to allows Windows updates.

    I have reported this issues since version 6.x.x.xxxx and you still have not fixed it.


    Is it time to dump OA or will EMSISOFT stop thinking they OWN the OS and fix their software to allow Windows Update. If you don't your OA is putting my computer in harms way but not allowing automatic updates of the operating system!


  8. I am running multiple PCs with Windows 8.1 and none of them can get Windows Updates. The updates download and start to install then Windows gives an error that it cannot complete the updates and is reverting. Nothing I have done in OA including shutting it down allows the updates. ONLY if I uninstall OA will the updates work. This is not good and I would like some information from EMSISOFT as to why this is happening. I am ready to provide any information you need.




  9. I am using an HP 8600 Plus network printer and when Online Armor is enabled, I cannot print. The driver uses HP Re-Discovery Port Monitoring and it seems Online Armor is blocking it. However, there is nothing in OA's logs and I cannot find a setting to allow the printer. If I shutdown OA, printing works perfect.


    I already have trusted the IP/MAC of the printer

    I have tried installing the printer during learning mode (does not help)

    I have tried printing during learning mode (does not help)


    Please advise as what I should allow or trust to get this working.




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