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  1. backdoor Trusted by OA?

    Just in case, if you shutdown OA and remove oacached.dat file from OA home directory, will it be still the same ? If yes, don't you mind to try it with the latest beta ?(it appears to be pretty stable) If yes, just PM me and I'll provide you with the link to installer.
  2. backdoor Trusted by OA?

    To access additional debug info you need to switch to advanced mode. BTW, is e:\crypted.exe really trusted in the "Programs" ? What hash does it show in the hint ? (when hovering over the record in the "Programs")
  3. backdoor Trusted by OA?

    Thanks for the logs. Unfortunately, they are not enough in this case. Could you provide information about OA version and Volume E ? Also, it would be great to know what is E:\101.exe and to have firewall log (Options->Firewall->Enable logging [ticked] and Options->Firewall->Additional debug info [ticked])
  4. Sorry for the inconvinience. Let you try the following: 1.) Remove Keepas.exe from the Programs 2.) Shutdown OA (Close and Shutdown Online Armor) 3.) Remove oacached.dat file from OA home directory 4.) Start OA from the Start menu 5.) Add Keepas.exe to the Programs manually and trust it This should fix the problem. If not I'd advise you to install the latest beta (I can PM you the link by request). alex