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  1. just a quickie is a2 injection driver found in xp registry at local machine, system, control set, enum, root part of emsisoft antimalware, tried googling but cant find nothing on it, cheers in advance Gaz
  2. im on xp sp3 and have had this at least once a day.
  3. i put mine in the configuration settings of sandbox in global settings, im on xp sp3 and ive checked and mine block fine
  4. Done and surf protection now works, thankyou
  5. i always clean the registry after uninstalling software, i have reinstalled and the lockup no longer occurs but surf protection no longer works in sandboxie no biggie for me as it was too chatty anyway.
  6. is this solved yet as i uninstalled and want to reinstall but not if the lockup still occurs??
  7. added these 2 rules in the configuration file and still the same, total lockup when sandbox triies to delete
  8. where do i put rules in sanboxie, probably being thick but cant find where?
  9. hello ive just found my first problem with version 5, im running xpsp3 with defensewall 3 and sandboxie free with only firefox allowed to run in sandboxie and auto delete of sandboxie when i close firefox. Everything runs fine in firefox till i close the browser, sandboxie wont delete contests and i get complete lock up and have no choice but to switch power ooff with a hard reser. Anyone experiencing the same and is there a workaround, any help much appreciated, everything run fine with this setup with 4.5 so the upgrade to 5 has broken something.
  10. thank, running smooth here with no problems, great job
  11. hi al, i do not have beta updates enabled and my 4.5 has just updated to 5.0, is this correct as ihave seen no official announcment??
  12. Same thing happens to me but only happens as a2 is updating
  13. Sorry i have not replied earlier problem solved now, uninstalled avira and eicar is blocked now, also swapped cis for oa premiun and very happy with the setup
  14. ok im running windoxs xp, service pack 3 fully upto date with comodo firewall with d= enabled and avira premium with all guards disabled at the mo. As stated i have no notification after executing eicar or the trojjan program then i run a scan and eicar is removed from system restore etc so a2 is allowing execution.
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