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  1. Hi Andrew. Avast! 6.0.1091 on XP SP3 (fully patched). Apologies for the omission.
  2. I recently installed OA 5; initially very impressed, but from previous experience I decided to switch on Learning Mode until I had run most of my installed programs. Having reviewed the programs & the Allow & Trust levels, today I decided to switch off Learning Mode. I cannot. I click (you cannot "un-check", since it is not "checked") Learning Mode in the context menu; the tray icon is now without the "book" indicating Learning Mode) & restart the PC (6 times now). OA stubbornly restarts in Learning Mode. Any ideas, anyone?
  3. The topic says it all really. I've been using Avast! forever (currently 5.1.889) and since changing from Comodo to OA I am getting fed up with OA continually blocking Avast! updates, mostly leading to an (apparently) "hung" system. I excluded OA within Avast! but OA always starts with an empty exclusions list, however many exclusions I add. I have searched this forums but... Any ideas anyone?
  4. Thanks luc. That clears that up (and actually makes more sense). Is this documented somewhere?
  5. I recently upgraded OA Free to All installed well but now I have a permanent display in system Status of: "New version of Online Armor is available Click here to download". It isn't, as far as I can determine... Also, there is no data displayed if I select Main Menu -> Hosts - yet I have 14,527 entries in Hosts. Can anyone shed any light on these issues? TIA AlanB