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  1. Upgrade manually to solve the problem, thanks Fabian. Regards.
  2. Hi Fabian, thanks for reply... I`m too bussy for "real" chat, anyway I appreciate the interest, Thanks. Whenever I can, I see the forums for a fix. I have 3 licenses of Online Armor Premium in 3 system, and all 3 systems have the same issue with updates. The last update (in every system) was on 25-September-2011. All system have Windows 7 X64, Online Armor Premium Regards.
  3. Maybe i'm wrong, is this a OA customer support forum?...107 views and no response from Emysoft in 8 days?.
  4. From 25 Sep i can't update Online Armor Premium, there are 2 errors in the update process: 1- In product updates: "OA: File oahlp_s.RUS is corrupted", file 1 of 85. After this error, OA stop the update process. 2- In Signatures and Rules only update: "OA: File reference.dat is corrupted" file 1 of 5. After this error OA stop update process. Is there a fix?. Best Regards. OS: Windows 7 x64 Online Armor Premium
  5. Yes, excluding NFS folder at OA Configuration make The game run at full Framerate but left Folder unprotected Is there a way to exclude files only?, so could try to find the problematic file(s).
  6. Sorry.... i have Windows 7 Pro 64 Bits with 8 Gb Ram. NFS11.exe and loader.exe are trusted and green in Online Armor Premium. The Online Armor Premium version is
  7. I have a rare problem....When i run the game Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit 2010 and Online Armor Premium is running, the game run at very low framerate, 5 Frames per second and is unplayable, but if i shutdown Online Armor Premium and run NFS:HP again, the game Run at full speed, 60 Frames per second. If the game is runing at full Framerate and i launch again Online Armor Premium, the framerate drop from 60 FPS to 5 FPS again. Something in OA is blocking the framerate in the game. NFS11.exe and Launcher.exe are not blocked and allowed to run with standar options. Any fix for this problem?.
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