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  1. Hello Christian, Thanks for responding. I appreciate it. I ran the System File Checker. It said no integrity problems with any files. I don't understand. Yes, my internet connection is always blocked. My Windows Network sharing center shows that I am connected. The ipconfig command confirms my wireless LAN is connected. DHCP is enabled, IPv4 address is, etc. I am not able to ping. I can't get antivirus updates. I can't connect to the Internet through Firefox. When I try anything, it immediately comes back as failed - that means there is not a time out after mu
  2. Last night, when my computer started up, Online armor (professional) asked to allow authserver.exe start another process. I did nothing. after that, Online Armor would not load. An error message appeared saying that OA could not load. After that, I could not connect to the Internet. My Windows 7 network information showed that I was connected and Ipconfig confirmed that I was connected, but going to Firefox or my antivirus (NOD32) or my email Outlook server is quickly rejected. At one point, I received a message saying there was a problem with explorer.exe process. I uninstalled O
  3. This afternoon, I installed the new Window's Updates (Windows 7 Professional). After that (not sure if right after), Online Armor started using 100% of CPU. I attempted to close the program (right click on icon in start-up lower right bar and shut down). The icon disappeared but OA did not shut down. I attempted to end the OA processes from the Windows Task Manager (oaui.exe and oasrv.exe). It would not allow me to end the processes. I received an email saying the attempt was disallowed. Finally, after waiting over a half hour, I forced windows to close. I received a message saying
  4. I have used Online Armor Paid Version for almost two years. I am happy with the product; nothing bad has reached my computer. Recently, I was given a second computer, a NetBook. I have two questions: Does my license let me use the product on two computers? If not how much would the second license cost? Renewal for the license is listed as $29.99. Second - I plan to install a dual operating system on the second computer (Windows 7 and Linux). The long-term goal would be to learn Linux. How will this affect the use of Online Armor? Thank you.
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