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  1. There are two folders in the Nokia suite, the "connectivity cable driver" folder (whatever that is) and the Suite itself. I have taken snapshots of the contents of both folders (the Nokia Suite took three snapshots) and also I've done a search for "Nokia" on the laptop and uploaded the results. Is that a help? Please delete the uploaded files when you've finished. Regards, David Sutton Nokia search.txt
  2. That's right. I have a shortcut to NokiaSuite.exe
  3. I don't know how helpful this will be. I installed the Anti-malware using EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup.exe and stopped the installation at that point. When I opened my web browser using my mobile phone and the Nokia Suite it went for about 30 seconds before the "unexpected kernel mode trap" shut things down. I then continued the installation of Online Armor, uninstalled the Anti-Malware and re-started the laptop. When I opened the web browser this time the computer shut down immediately with the "unexpected kernel mode trap". Regards.
  4. The Acronis recovery restores my laptop to an hour earlier (it's state before installing On-line Armor and Anti-malware). If you like I will instal Anti-Malware only and see if it works by itself.
  5. Using both.. I purchased the Internet Security Pack. Windows Defender and Firewall were turned off.
  6. I reinstalled Emsisoft after setting up the laptop and I still get the "unexpected kernel mode trap" problem. It may be coincidence but my bluetooth mouse stopped working as well. I've had to do a disk recovery to get things working again.
  7. I am setting up a new laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro. After installing Emsisoft Anti-malware and Armor Firewall I installed the Nokia PC Suite to connect to the internet. Connection to the internet went fine but as soon as I used a browser or Google Earth the laptop shut down (BSOD) with the message "unexpected kernel mode trap". I tried shutting down both the anti-malware and the firewall with no success. So I uninstalled both and now the connection works fine using the Windows firewall and Security Essentials. I have to have an internet connection using my mobile phone as a modem. Should I try re-installing the Emsisoft products after I have finished setting up the laptop or try something else?
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