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  1. I tried this too, at the same time when added exclusions in Online Armor, but problem is still the same. But when I upgraded Firefox to version 28.0 yesterday, it was working fine the first time I started Firefox after the upgrade. But when I closed it, and started it again, the problem is back. Still, if I shutdown Online Armor temporary, then it works as it should, but not when I start Online Armor again.
  2. Hi again. I tried this, but it still doesn't work. I also tried to restart Online Armor after adding the exclusions, but still same problem.
  3. Hi, and thank you for the reply. I followed these instructions, but it doesn't work either in learning mode or when returning to normal mode. But I also tried to quit and shut down Online Armor afterwards, and then it work fine again. But when I start Online Armor again, the problem is back.
  4. Hi. A while ago I got problems with Firefox was not able to save pages. When I use File -> Save Page As the file dialog / requester never pops up. It's the same issue with Open file, and when downloading or uploading. The box where you select the file does not appear. First i though this was a problem with Firefox and tried many things, but the problem is still the same. But if I quit Online Armor everything works fine. When I start Online Armor again, the problem is back. I have tried to delete firefox.exe from both the Firewall and Programs listings, and let Online Armor automatically add it, but still the same. I use the latest version of both Online Armor ( and Firefox (27.0.1). Anyone have any tips how to solve this issue?
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