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  1. Same issue with me -- today had to click through 72 apparently identical popups from OA concerning MS Application Client Virtualization Service. This has happened numerous times in the last month or so, but this was the first time I bothered to actually count the number of popups. I know of no other firewall that goes this berserk. Emsisoft -- how about addressing this???
  2. I too have seen this behavior several times. Quite tedious clicking through all of these notifications. Anyone found a way this can be fixed/avoided?
  3. I understand and have endpoint restrictions in place, but since I have failed to attain omniscience (at least according to others ), I may have trouble anticipating all possible traffic and feel I might benefit from such an aid.
  4. (I couldn't find a forum section specifically for feature requests, so I'm placing this in the general OA support forum) I have my OA preferences set to alert me about outgoing traffic via the taskbar balloons. When these pop up, I must read them in order to determine the type of traffic that is occurring. What would in my view be a very nice enhancement would be to have the background color of these balloons vary according to whether the traffic destination is the intranet or the internet. Perhaps a light green background for intranet traffic, and a light yellow or red background for internet traffice. In this way, I could determine at a glance whether the activity warrants a closer look. I hope you will give this consideration, and thank you for a fine and reasonably priced product.