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  1. A week or more ago, my pc stopped updating AVs except for f-secure. F-secure was my primary AV but I was also checking regularly Malwarebytes and Emsisoft scans. I suspected a virus interfering with AVs -- I tried other AVs to see what was happening but they would not download/update. Worse, after this doing this with AVs, firefox and chrome lost connection with the internet and required rebooting. After some help and various procedures, I can now update most AVs but not Emsisoft -- at least normally. I can update Emsisoft but only if I unload f-secure down to ony its fire-wall. It is not f-secure's deepguard since turning that off does not help. Emsisoft has normal allow permissions for input and output. I contacted f-secure and was told to remove all AVs, reinstall f-secure and not install again other AVs. I do not think this is an answer since no AV detects all viruses requiring the use for occasional scanning of several. I cannot make sense of this situation unless f-secure is programmed in someway against Emsisoft. After all, what kind of operational interference or conflict could unintentionally exist between f-secure with Emsisoft? Help would be appreciated John