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  1. Here is the fixlog.txt So far no annoying adchoices. Thank you for getting rid of it.
  2. Everything seem to be removed, have not seen AdChoices. While Combo fix was running I saw that There is no disk in the drive Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk5\DR5 It took multiple clicks on continue to remove that warning box. I am very happy
  3. While the JRT was scanning towards the end I kept getting message There is no disk in the Drive Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk5\dr5 Had option of close retry or cancel eventually it canceled.
  4. For the past two weeks I have had AdChoices popping up on the right side of my browsers, including IE Google Chrome, and Firefox. I have not added anything new as download in this time and scans and searches do not show this. How can I find and remove this annoyance?
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