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  1. Hi Thomas, sadly the learning mode did not do anything different, and I have included the log file with loop back turned off. Once again, I can't see anything useful in there. I have also run a debug log session, but I can't understand the debug file at all, it does not seem to be an ascii file. I am going to PM it to you after I send this message.
  2. Hi Thomas, sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you. I did 2 logging sessions, first without "Additional debug info" and then with it. I am no log expert, but I could not see anything in there showing me that the helper agent is trying access a port and is then rejected. I believe that because I get the error irrespective of whether I use VC++ or not in order to start the helper, it is solely a helper problem. I also use Chrome as my default browser, but the Helper agent does not look to me as though it uses Chrome to display the help that it interfaces too, but is uses HlpViewe
  3. Just to confirm it is not just port 47873, I changed the port to 47888 via the registry key setting as described in the readme file, the same error occurred and once I shut down OA, it instantly worked and is using 47888, so unless OA uses both 47873 and 47888 internally, there is no conflict.
  4. Hi Thomas, I am running Online Armor Premium on a Win 7 64-bit system with all the current updates applied to it. I also run Anti-Malware I believe both are the current products. I am using Visual C++ 2010 which has the option of viewing help files online or local help files. If I set the option for online, there is no problem. It fires up Chrome and displays the help online. I prefer the local help though, so I set the help system for local help files. Thus when I activate the help by pressing F1, VC++ tries to launch a program called HelpLibAgent.exe which is pa
  5. Hi there, when I press F1 in Visual studio to get context sensitive help, it tries to start a process called HelpLibAgent.exe to handle the help request. From what I can gather, it passes these help requests via http on to the help agent which then displays the relevant help topic. The problem is that Online Armor is blocking this communication attempt. I have added the HelpLibAgent.exe into the firewall rules, even allowing in and out traffic on all ports. I have tried to allow all traffic on 47873 to any program to be passed through. Nothing has helped. There are no bl
  6. I used to use Kaspersky with OA, but I found they did not work well together under Windows 7 64-bit. They work great under XP 32-bit. So I changed from Kaspersky to Emsisoft Anti-Malware which seems to be working great with OA.
  7. I have a dual boot setup with XP and Win 7 on the same PC. Do I need 1 or 2 licenses for that?
  8. Actually, OA is a Rootkit, its just one you manually installed and want running to protect the rest of your system
  9. I run OA and Malwarebytes on Win 7 64 bit and they seem to happily co-exist without having any exclusions set up. I am a bit worried that if Malwarebytes was compromised, having it as an OA exclusion, I would not get an OA warning that it has been modified, so I have no exclusions set up and it all seems to run really well. So far.
  10. The easiest way to downgrade back to version 4.0 is to uninstall version and then to install version 4.0. I have gone back to previous versions a number of times in the past, and that method works great.
  11. Thanks again Martin. I am downloading EAM as I am typing this and will give it a go. I guess I have 30 days to work out if I am satisfied, and I have a system image that I can restore to from a CD boot if all goes wrong
  12. Hi Martin, I must admit that some of my fear is based on not knowing how these new products work, and what they consider a new program. If a website downloaded some unwanted java, would the downloaded code be scanned once it was tried to be executed (by EAM or OA++), or would the fact that the java runtime has not changed and has been trusted allow any web based scripts to be happily run without further scanning? The same question would arise from word macros. Once MS Word has been scanned as safe, could a nasty .doc document wreak havoc because the actual executable has not changed? It i
  13. Thanks Lynx for the excellent reply. What you explained makes perfect sense. The only question that is still left unanswered is do I need EAM for this functionality, or does OA++ do the same thing, as it contains the same engine? Please bear in mind I already have an OA license, thus my decision is to buy EAM in addition to my existing license or to upgrade the OA to OA++. Thanks for your help
  14. I have a question that I think fits in here, rather than starting a new thread. Is there any advantage in getting Emisoft Anti-Malware to complement OA rather than just getting OA++? I just spent several hours reading through the Anti-Malware Tutorial and through the OA++ Antivirus section and I am not sure if I would be better off getting Anti-Malware as a standalone product with OA. I couldn't find any mention of Anti-Malware scanning email attachments as they are downloaded or scanning web traffic to see if it contains something nasty trying to reach your browser. Any info would be grea
  15. Hi Martin, I always have the intercept loopback interface turned on (which I had mentioned in my initial post), because otherwise it doesn't even work on 32 bit. And I could not delete any created rules, because OA never created any rules, because it was 100% oblivious to half my programs ever making internet connections. Even when I manually inserted rules to block a whole range of .exe files, none of the rules were ever applied because OA did not notice those programs making internet connections. As I have never heard of Ikarus or Emisoft prior to their acquisition of OA, I don't have an
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