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  1. I have difficulties to install OA v7.0.0.1866 on a 32bit Win 7 system. Is v7 only for 64bit systems? When I try to start it the first time after (successful) installation it tells my something that "Cannot connect to server" Peter
  2. Ok, wenn also Emsisoft Anti-Malware der offizielle Nachfolger von a-squared ist warum wird dann die alte a-squared Version immer noch weiterentwickelt.?
  3. Von Emsisoft werden wohl zwei Virenscanner angeboten: Anti-Malware und a-squared free Einen Download-Link zu letzterem finde ich nicht auf den Seiten von Emsisoft sondern nur z.B. hier. http://www.heise.de/download/a-squared-a-free-118466.html Wo ist der Download-Link auf den Seiten von Emissoft? Was ist der Unterschied zu Anti-Malware? Peter
  4. I am planning to login from a remote site to my home router and to issue a Wake-On-LAN Magic-Packet to wake up my home computer behind the router. On the computer behind the router OA is running. Does OA filter out these "MagicPackets" or are these packets on a very low hardware level which are not filtered by OA. From my point of view OA is not running (same a full Win7) when the Magic WOL-Packet arrives since the computer is sleeping So it cannot filter out these packets. Am I right? Need just a confirmation. Peter
  5. I am running OA successfully on my Win 7 Pro 64bit since a long time. However I experienced continously a problem: Whenever I click on "update now" I got an error: "Error OA Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the" See attached snapshot. My Internet connection is perfect. Even a reboot does not fix the problem. So I guess its a bug in OA. Or is there a way to fix it here? Peter
  6. Assume my computer in LAN has the IP I want to allow for all my local programs an access to computer with an IP 192.168.0.* or (in a second scenario) I want to allow all traffic to 192.168.*.* How can I achieve this with OA? If possible I want to avoid having to specify the IPs for each prgm seperately. Instead I want to have a four options for each prgm: a.) No outgoing traffic b.) traffic to local C-class net allowed b.) traffic to local B-class net allowed d.) traffic to all IPs allowed. If this is currently not possible: Can this be added in the next release? Peter
  7. When I started this morning my notebook (with 64bit Win7) the OA popup appears 30 day trial Premium edition "Next" When I select "30 day trial" and click "next" another popup appears "Trial period expired" See attached snapshot: http://miqoo.net/images-i260b7buqv.png So what? I though OA will work with a reduced set of features beyond the end period. Furthermore OA works on another computer (with 64bit Win7) since approx 5 month without these popups. How can I proceed in non-Premium mode? When I click the window close button I can get rid of the dialog but OA ist not started then. I already de-installed and re-installed it but the dialog re-appears after restart. Whats wrong?
  8. When I go (on 64bit Win7) to the "Status" page of OA and click "Update now" then I got an error: "Last update: in process Errror: OA: Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the" See attached snapshot Hmm, my internet connection is fine. I can access as usual Google and my remote mailboxês through POP3. So it must be an error in OA. Whats wrong?
  9. Hmm, I cannot believe that I am forced to reveal all my installation and software details to get support for a so-called "security" tool. It should be possible to find out the situation when OA pops up the main window. Even worse a program service should NEVER popup automatically but only on demand.
  10. Well, here is the screenshot (see attachment). However I guess it is unimportant what is currently displayed. It seems to me that always the last section tab is opened which was selected the last time before exit/reboot. So OA is not able to stay silently in SysTray at startup but forces always its main window to popup. On another 64bit Win7 system this is not the case. So I guess it must be something special. Is there a (hidden) option "start minimized in systray" ?
  11. I have installed OA on two computers (both 64bit Win7). On one computer OA starts always minimized whereas on the other it pops up once just after start. How can I disable auto-popup? Peter
  12. When I go in OA to "Options-->Exclusions" and enter a path. Left of each folder there is a checkbox "Include subfolders". What does that checkbox exactly mean? Does it mean: 1.) Include also subfolders in the exclusion rule (=Exclude the whole directory tree) or 2.) Exclude only the folder but include all subfolders to the normal rule check (=Exclude only the folder but not its subfolders)? Peter
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