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  1. I have difficulties to install OA v7.0.0.1866 on a 32bit Win 7 system. Is v7 only for 64bit systems? When I try to start it the first time after (successful) installation it tells my something that "Cannot connect to server" Peter
  2. Ok, wenn also Emsisoft Anti-Malware der offizielle Nachfolger von a-squared ist warum wird dann die alte a-squared Version immer noch weiterentwickelt.?
  3. Von Emsisoft werden wohl zwei Virenscanner angeboten: Anti-Malware und a-squared free Einen Download-Link zu letzterem finde ich nicht auf den Seiten von Emsisoft sondern nur z.B. hier. http://www.heise.de/download/a-squared-a-free-118466.html Wo ist der Download-Link auf den Seiten von Emissoft? Was ist der Unterschied zu Anti-Malware? Peter
  4. I am planning to login from a remote site to my home router and to issue a Wake-On-LAN Magic-Packet to wake up my home computer behind the router. On the computer behind the router OA is running. Does OA filter out these "MagicPackets" or are these packets on a very low hardware level which are not filtered by OA. From my point of view OA is not running (same a full Win7) when the Magic WOL-Packet arrives since the computer is sleeping So it cannot filter out these packets. Am I right? Need just a confirmation. Peter
  5. I am running OA successfully on my Win 7 Pro 64bit since a long time. However I experienced continously a problem: Whenever I click on "update now" I got an error: "Error OA Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the" See attached snapshot. My Internet connection is perfect. Even a reboot does not fix the problem. So I guess its a bug in OA. Or is there a way to fix it here? Peter
  6. Assume my computer in LAN has the IP I want to allow for all my local programs an access to computer with an IP 192.168.0.* or (in a second scenario) I want to allow all traffic to 192.168.*.* How can I achieve this with OA? If possible I want to avoid having to specify the IPs for each prgm seperately. Instead I want to have a four options for each prgm: a.) No outgoing traffic b.) traffic to local C-class net allowed b.) traffic to local B-class net allowed d.) traffic to all IPs allowed. If this is currently not possible: Can this be added in the next release? Peter
  7. When I started this morning my notebook (with 64bit Win7) the OA popup appears 30 day trial Premium edition "Next" When I select "30 day trial" and click "next" another popup appears "Trial period expired" See attached snapshot: http://miqoo.net/images-i260b7buqv.png So what? I though OA will work with a reduced set of features beyond the end period. Furthermore OA works on another computer (with 64bit Win7) since approx 5 month without these popups. How can I proceed in non-Premium mode? When I click the window close button I can get rid of the dialog but OA ist not started then. I already de-installed and re-installed it but the dialog re-appears after restart. Whats wrong?
  8. When I go (on 64bit Win7) to the "Status" page of OA and click "Update now" then I got an error: "Last update: in process Errror: OA: Cannot process online updates. Please check the internet connection settings or contact the" See attached snapshot Hmm, my internet connection is fine. I can access as usual Google and my remote mailboxês through POP3. So it must be an error in OA. Whats wrong?
  9. Hmm, I cannot believe that I am forced to reveal all my installation and software details to get support for a so-called "security" tool. It should be possible to find out the situation when OA pops up the main window. Even worse a program service should NEVER popup automatically but only on demand.
  10. Well, here is the screenshot (see attachment). However I guess it is unimportant what is currently displayed. It seems to me that always the last section tab is opened which was selected the last time before exit/reboot. So OA is not able to stay silently in SysTray at startup but forces always its main window to popup. On another 64bit Win7 system this is not the case. So I guess it must be something special. Is there a (hidden) option "start minimized in systray" ?
  11. I have installed OA on two computers (both 64bit Win7). On one computer OA starts always minimized whereas on the other it pops up once just after start. How can I disable auto-popup? Peter
  12. When I go in OA to "Options-->Exclusions" and enter a path. Left of each folder there is a checkbox "Include subfolders". What does that checkbox exactly mean? Does it mean: 1.) Include also subfolders in the exclusion rule (=Exclude the whole directory tree) or 2.) Exclude only the folder but include all subfolders to the normal rule check (=Exclude only the folder but not its subfolders)? Peter
  13. When I open Processes section in Hijackfree then a lot of (most) of processes are known and set to green background color. However there are some new/unusal processes with white background. I want to declare them as "good" and set their background as "green". How can I do this? I expected a context menu when right clicking on them and a context menu entry "declare good" or similar. But unfortuantely there is no such context menu. Is there another way? if not: Can this feature be added in the next release? This way I could get a faster overview about unknown/new processes. Similarly declaring "Services" in the corresponding section should be declareable as good/green. Multiselecting multiple lines/entries at once (even with common Ctrl+A) would be appreciated Thank you Peter
  14. Whenevenr I start HiJackFree then the initial main window is in full screen size. I always have to resize and move it. This is annoying and user unfriendly. How can I tell HiJackFree to remember the last size and position and to re-open it with these values at next start? Maybe this informations hsould be stored in registry or config.ini file in installation directory. If this is not possible: Could this feature be included in next release? Thank you Peter
  15. Once again I observed a big problem with OnlineArmor. After having worked a while on my 64bit Win7 quad core computer I left it and let it run over weekend. After return I oberserved slow responses and had a look into my TaskManager. Much to my surprise OA (precisely oasrv.exe) consumes over hours 75% of my cpu power. In other words 3 of my 4 cpu cores work only for OA. Have a look at the attached snapshot!! This is clearly a bug which occurs once in a while. Moreover a right click on the SysTray icon does NOT show the context menu. Furthermore oasrv.exe process cannot be killed in TaskManager. So the only way was to reboot the whole computer. Could the OA developers have a look at this problem and fix it? Peter
  16. Since I updated my OA (free version) from v5 to v6 I have accasionally (but not always) problems when starting programms on 64bit Win7 system. I can double click the *.exe in WinExplorer, They seem to start (=rotating circle as cursor) but nothing happens. When I go to Windows Task manager then oasrv.exe is running infinite time with 25% load (=one cpu core of my quad-core system have full load). This happens not only for one particular program but various. So this is clearly a bug in new OA. I cannot wait until this is fixed. How can I dowgrade to the latest v5 of OA (this runs fine here)? Peter
  17. I want to evaluate Emsi Anti-Malware for a while (weeks/month) only as free, manual on-demand scanner. As I found out after installation there is always an a2service.exe service running. Do I need this for on-demand scanning? I guess no - only for realtime protection. Am i right? How can I permanently disable/uninstall this a2service.exe (from inside Emsi-Anti-Malware tool)? If I need it: Is there a way to start this service automatically ONLY if I check on-demand some directory files and turn it down automatically the other time? Peter
  18. I installed and afterwards uninstalled recently Emsi Anti-Malware v6.0.0.49 Now I want to give v6.6 another try. After starting the setup.exe for v6.6 I am informed that an (old) version is already installed and that I should uninstall it first. And yes, i found a running a2service.exe running but nothing more. There is no uninstall entry any more with which I could uninstall the service. How can I uninstall it? Wouldn't it be better to let Emsi Antimalware setup.exe do the job? A smart software would suggest at this point to the user: "Should I uninstall the old version automatically at first? YES NO CANCEL" Could you add this feature to the next release? Could you add "uninstall servíce" to the general uninstall procedure as well? Thanks Peter
  19. Yes, Ok meanwhile I installed new Win7 updates and restarted whole Win7. Then (suddenly) OA icon appears again as usually. So the problem is not reproducable. Thanks for now I will revert as soon as it happens again.
  20. Yes, both Services are currently set to "Automatic" and running. So wrong otherwise?
  21. Since a few days I have a curious situation with OA on my 64bit Win7: My OA firewall ist (successfully) started but the OA GUI icon is NOT visible in the Systray bar (as usual). This never happened in the months/years before. Rebooting the computer does not work. Yes, I could successfully, manually start oaui.exe from installation folder but I want to have it automatically appear. How can I tell OA to link GUI (again) into Systray? Peter
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