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  1. Here as requested my system specs and add. software i use: OS: now Windows 7 Ultimae 64bit OS: before Vista Ultimate 64bit with same add. software Annex: About the files, well i could start uploading the whole folder. The problem is, the folder size is about 9Gb big and with my inet conn. of 20kb/s per sec[upload], that would take some days. Even the patch folder is about 1gb; Thank you. €: im uploading a fp.
  2. Hi Im currently playing this free2play game called The Chronicles of Spellborn. Today i updated to Windows 7 64bit Ulti., after that i scanned with a updated asquared all hard drives. Here is the text-log: a-squared Free - Version 4.5 Last update: N/A Scan settings: Scan type: N/A Objects: E:\The Chronicles of Spellborn Scan archives: On Heuristics: Off ADS Scan: On Scan start: 10/23/2009 8:44:05 PM E:\The Chronicles of Spellborn\bin\client\Core.dll detected: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Adload!IK E:\The Chronicles of Spellborn\bin\client\Engine.dll detected: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.
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