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  1. Sorry ,not to "test" ,TO SAVE IT on my PC ! Best regards,
  2. Hy Catprincess And thank you for support ! Right now i tried to Run eicar.com not to test and OA+++ had NO reaction , NO popup appear ! Regards,
  3. http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm Thank a lot for promptitude , i try with all eicar test files ; .com;.txt ;.zip ;.zip 2 Had no reaction .
  4. Hello everybody , first of all i tell you that this evening buy OA++ . Ihave made some tests and i am litlle confused , why it does NOT haave any kind of reaction with Eicar test file , what happened with REAL threats or more dangers malware ? I am very interested of this aspect because i am one of those who fight with antimalware and i am looking closed on that problems .
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