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  1. Thanks. That makes sense from a security perspective. I'll just have to deal with it on the server whenever it comes up. I can minimize it from happening by adjusting what's allowed to access the internet without triggering an alert.
  2. OK, So there are no settings associated with this. So why would internet traffic associated with the Logitech Media Server, a cleared program in my settings, be blocked whenever there's an Online Armor alert for an unrelated program? Is it normal behavior to shut down the Ethernet port when an alert pops up? I'm not 100% sure this is because of Online Armor. Maybe the Ethernet port goes to sleep while it's waiting for a response. For all I know, the alert could be up for days before this occurs. I'll try experimenting more to see if I can cause the problem.
  3. I've had online armor installed for a few months and I've beeen running it as a basic firewall to block unauthorized outgoing connections without HIPS enabled. So far I'm very impressed but I have been having one amnoying issue. I'm running Logitech's media server (LMS) on this PC (WINXP) and it works fine 90% of the time. The exception comes when something like Flash attempts an update. Online armor throws up an alrert that the adobe update is trying to access the internet and it requires me to respond to it (allow, don't allow, this time only - something like that). That's all fine except if I'm not at the computer when the alert comes up, When that happens, in addition to blocking the adobe updater from accessing the network, online armor seems to block the LMS access as well. My logitech radios then lose their connections to the host computer. As soon as I respond to the alert about the adobe updater, the LMS access is restored. Is this normal behaivior for the online armor firewall? Is there a setting I can change to avoid this?
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