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  1. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I trust and allow them, on every single reboot, OA vomits up the same dialog box showing that it has blocked the following files: CLIstart.exe, ati2evxx.exe, and ati2sgag.exe. The versions and locations are the same as the ones listed as trusted and allowed by users on Oasis even though the status of the files remains "Unknown" on Oasis.
  2. Out of the blue, today OA decided upon reboot that my ATI and Catalyst Control Center drivers were Unknown, and blocked them. I had to reboot four times, each time allowing and trusting different ATI files, which have not changed since they were installed over two years ago and were always allowed in OA prior to today. I am quite sure that if I reboot again, OA will again find some more ATI drivers that it doesn't recognize and will block. Emsisoft only recognizes Nvidia drivers?
  3. I just upgraded to OA Free and am not real happy, for one thing it always shows "new version available. click here to download" in the left column which is really annoying, and the constant popups when loading programs with the program guard enabled is a nightmare ( OA really never heard of Eudora??) while browsing has slowed down to a crawl with the web guard enabled. I also got constant popups every time the Oasis database was updated till I unticked participation, which I always had checked before as I want OA to learn what programs are good and bad - like Eudora, for example. Any
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