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  1. No, it's not working. It cut me off cold turkey after telling me i had X number of days to "renew". That day has come and doesn't let me renew, it just shut me off entirely. Even the trial or free options were a lie in the GUI. I don't know what to do right now, I am very disappointed. EIS does not have the features OA had like the easy interface to see and kill process on active connections, as well as the country blocking in the firewall module. We were told when OA sold to Emsisoft that they would probably "integrate", not so much negate OA.
  2. I'm disappointed I kept getting warnings on how many days I had to "renew", when in fact I am unable to renew/ Now I'm left in the lurch with no firewall that works for me. I had no idea OA was being cut off cold turkey at this point. EIS I tried, had problems with it and it didn't have some of my favorite features of OA, like the country blocking in the firewall module, and the list of active connections, which was very useful. I sat here for 5 minutes trying to renew as the interface told me and I read now that it's deliberate I couldn't connect to renewal servers.
  3. It hasn't seemed to happen in Firefox 45 even with runsafer on. Must have been the version you mentioned.
  4. Hi GT, Sorry for the delayed reply. CC Cleaner Free only clears the admin accounts temp. Pro will clean the logged on user's as well. I don't often use admin. It's ok I will give the batch file someone posted earlier a try
  5. Hi, Yes they're signed addons. I've always had Firefox set to allowed/run safer and had no problems like this in the past until I updated, but trusting it seems to solve the problem, thanks
  6. My reason for using OA instead of the security suite is some features have been removed that I originally liked OA for to begin with like the country blocking. I've had alot of problems with China probing my computer and I like to keep China's IP ranges blocked until i need to use them. Right now after updating OA signatures it keeps disabling my Firefox addons, if i have the firewall portion turned off, and removing them entirely if I have the firewall turned on. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this ? Firefox 43.0.1 OA Premium EAM Version
  7. >>Posted 05 November 2015 - 07:55 AM Dear Peter2150, In response to your questions: >>"That seems like a lot of effort to produce marginal results. The temp files are only going to be created again, and more over >>they aren't hurting anything." I've had nasties run from temp in the past, since them have had a habit of occasionally clearing it. >>Ccleaner has a free version and will clean everything but those emsisoft files. Why on earth are you worried about them?" I don't distrust Emsisoft. They're just not readily identifiable as being from Emsisoft. I'm used to clearing the temp folder. Until recently, I could at a glance see it's been cleared. Regards.
  8. Thank you very much Arthur for taking the time to address this issue, I'll give your recommendations a try.
  9. I know CCleaner has been highly recommended, but it only clears the administrators account (which it installs on). They say you must purchase the Pro version to clear user accounts. http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=36371 Any idea which good cleaner programs will work on user accounts without purchasing before trying them first ? Thanks for your help.
  10. I understand. However, this does make things a bit more difficult for me, because I like to clear my temp folder. I can't tell the files are Emsisoft's unless i try to delete each one. The software was designed this way, just wish they put a check in for the opt out before collection and storage of the data, rather than after. Thanks for your help.
  11. Thanks for the information. Where do I opt out of crash reporting ?
  12. Hi, I noticed recently I cannot clear my windows temp folder. I used to be able to until recently. The message I get when trying (I tried as admin as well and with OA and EAM turned off) "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Emsisoft Protection Service" http://imgur.com/viYIRDA WIndows 7 Home Premium SP 1 Online Armor Premium Emsisoft Anti-Malware Last Update 10/3/15
  13. I find if i disable program guard when Im in the "library" before starting the game, then turning it back on after the game's overlay and intro window comes up has worked, I think because Battleeye, the anti cheat system has needed alot of permissions, like to use the boot editor, and pops the command prompt window up and prints out that it has blocked oasrv and another OA file, i forget which at the moment. But to get into Steam itself, I need to turn off the firewall, then I turn it back on when Im in the library, otherwise it will always say "no connection" at the bottom.I have to turn it off again when I get to the multiplayer server search screen to enter the game, it can usually be turned back on once Im in the multiplayer game. Hope this info helps someone for something
  14. Disclaimer * My apologies if this is the wrong place for me to post. I read the forum rules, but was not sure if expressing I had a similar problem would be considered "Hijacking" another persons thread. Feel free to move it if so, thanks. ----- This inability to connect to the internet with OA on has happened to me alot, and I just resigned to the fact I need to go into OA/program files and delete the Firefox entry then click the page I was trying to access again and it will ask permission for the domain I'm going to then works most of the time. For some reason the domain permission window doesn't always pop up unless I do that. If the first solution doesn't work I right click on the network icon, go to network and sharing center/change adapter settings/disable local area connection and then reenable it, and let the network identify again. That usually always works, I have no clue why, but found out about it through frustration and have been doing it for a long time. It's possibly how I configured OA, since i usually restore settings when I reinstall OA, but not sure. Note: with these little problems, OA is still my favorite firewall. Love the Firewall status window, and the ability to block some countries in firewall/restrictions tab that have been probing me alot (OA doesnt report the probes, but I've seen them in other progs and know which countries have been doing alot of it).
  15. Thanks so much Thomas, you've been a great help
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