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  1. The issue has been fixed. The fix will appear in one of next updates.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. Could you please send me also Logs\logs.db3 file in private?
  3. Know problem. It is already fixed. The fix will be available a bit later.
  4. I hope you'll return it back when we'll publish new beta. You always help us with testing The logging shouldn't affect EEK's folder removing. It seems a2emergencykit.exe or another executable was not closed before try to remove the folder.
  5. Fixed. Unfortunately, your copy of EEK is now workable only on 32bit system. If you have no 32bit system then there is only way - download EEK installer from our site.
  6. That is know issue of EEK V11. It is fixed in V12. Thank you for feedback.
  7. Thanks for logs. The reason of the problem is not clear yet. Anyways, you are correct there is no need to test it on both systems. It will be enough to focus on one of them (on your choice).
  8. Try current beta 4700 - the problem should gone.
  9. That is know problem. It appears when you have unchecked all week days. If you change 'Friday=0' to 'Friday=1'. The scheduled scans will become working. The problem is already fixed. The fix will be available in the next beta.
  10. It is ok that WAC starts in 3-4 minute after system start if the Security Center service has startup type "Automatic (Delayed Start)". After WAC start it gets updated in not more 10 seconds. If you have another behavior could you please create logs and send them to me.
  11. That is a known problem of EEK 4353. You can solve it using one of these ways: 1) manually add a folder EEK that is in the error message (in your case it is "C:\Users\btcuser\AppData\Local\Temp\EEK") 2) if you have http://download1.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftEmergencyKit.zip with EEK 4353 then you can unpack the archive, start EEK 4353 and update it to 4412 3) download and use new EEK 4412 http://download1.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftEmergencyKit.zip
  12. Actually the possibility exists if you have EEK Pro license.
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