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  1. Funny that it stays on for me, oh well, not going to worry about it.
  2. Its a Windows Defender setting, mine is ON so installing EAM does not switch it off. I am not sure if its active or not, leaving it on seems to cause no issues here.
  3. Yah, I figured a restart would fix it, it did. Just an FYI, I have application and computer restarts both checked. No notification or timer yesterday, only after restart did one pop up.
  4. I have my settings set to update every hour, was not updating every hour today. When clicking update it updates but stays on 10577. Tried twice today, and no notification asking for a reboot. Haven't tried to reboot yet.
  5. Sorry GT, I've tried dozens of security related programs over the past 15 years and your console is probably top 5 for most pain in the +++. I don't remember having to select my workspace. Yes, I had to mess around in console to figure out what is going on, entering license key, you don't. Its confusing, I can't see anyone saying its not, good for corporate, or the geekiest of the geekiest. No one else needs the hassle. In any case we can shut this down as no need to continue. Thanks.
  6. Everyone is used to license keys, and they are so easy to use. Let me ask you, what is easier, entering a license key or messing around in the console for 30 minutes trying to figure it out? I suppose you guys are doing it for security reasons. Its ok, I really support you guys for your customer support and privacy policies. I'll get used to it, when I'm ( insert smiley for 90 years old).
  7. Thanks for the help guys, we can wrap this up now. I'm sure the console would be ok if I took the time to familiarize myself with it, but as I said earlier, not going to happen. All I am concerned with is that the AV is working.
  8. This is what the email said, not that informative. (See attachment.) If I click on Personal Licenses it only shows my old license that expired in 2019. My suggestion " buy the license, install the software, enter the key and away you go." Why do home users need a work space, I guess for users with multiple licenses or corporate but for the rest of us its way overboard.
  9. Heh, heh, first thing I did. And while I'm on a roll, auto-renewal should be opt-in not opt-out. Opt-out IMO is a bit shady.
  10. Yup, agree 100%, it should be easy enough for anyone to figure out. This may affect whether I choose to renew in a year.
  11. Ok thanks, I found Settings, for me to delete the workspace I have to " Remove All Devices" not going to happen, there is no way this should be this complicated, the average Joe would be totally lost. I could figure it out but couldn't be bothered. As long as the AV works I have no desire to ever log into the console again.
  12. Nope, cannot find the setting he mentions to remove the Workspace. Why do we even need this headache??
  13. New license shows under Workspaces, does not show under Personal Licenses. Still cannot register new license.
  14. I bought a new license several hours ago, went to myemisosft.com to register etc, firstly, I could not find my new license, not in email, not in program gui, finally after messing around in the console for 15 minutes I found it. However, console shows old license only that expired in 2019, tried to add new license and could not, said it was already registered to another account. I really despise this cloud console, to me it just adds more complexity, more steps, than are needed. Why does the average user even need this? Help please.
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