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  1. "Opt in " 1 click, " Opt out " 1 click, so convenience is the same either way. For people who like not to having to renew every year its fine, but, many people are unaware of this, you know how people are, they just click click click without reading a dam thing. Many people will be receiving invoices they are not expecting and this is how the slimy companies get them. Not saying Emsisoft is one of these, on the contrary Emsisoft is one of the best, if not the best, for integrity and customer service. I just don't like opt out. If you continue on this route then you need a page to pop up with 4 inch letters explaining what is happening so that there is no way anyone can miss it.
  2. Nothing should be "opt out", everything should be "opt in" too many slimy companies using "opt out" to trick users into purchasing products they don't want. Just because others are doing it does not mean Emsisoft should, I thought you guys were better than this.
  3. Could be the website, I tried it in both Chrome and Edge and both timed out before the website loaded.
  4. Still should be opt-in, from what I understand your average customers age is of the vintage variety, why make it harder for them? Emsi's stellar reputation could take a hit here. Tell the marketing and bean counter departments to back off.
  5. I bought a license yesterday, after payment I got an email with a link to opt out.
  6. Slopes, auto renewal is not difficult to opt out of, when you renew you get a link in an email to click, takes about 15 seconds to opt out. Boomer, there a no more loyalty discounts.
  7. I have used Emsisoft for several years due to the excellent protection it provides and industry best support. However due to the issues listed below I will be looking for an alternative solution. Auto renewals should be opt-in not opt-out. The new GUI is horriffic imo. You've done away with the loyalty discounts, so now new users will pay less, long time customers will pay more, which basically means the long time users are subsidizing the new customers. (And thanks Thomas for the offer.) If you ever reconsider the loyalty discounts I may come back. Edit: Well I am back, just discovered the 1/2 off sale, so here for another year. Defender was giving me issues with Controlled Folders so back to what I know works well on my computer.
  8. Not a big fan of the GUI. Way too much white space, too much scrolling and I do not like sidebars. Its also starting to look like a web page which I think is what you guys are going for but I hate it. A gui should be compact, crisp and intuitive, this one is none of the above. I need to put on sunglasses for this one.
  9. Ouch. Just me but I would say Emsi's customer base is above average in regards to computer knowledge. Now back to playing with my wood blocks.
  10. This should be unchecked in the default settings, it is for me.
  11. MBAM is an adequate soft for secondary protection, some people like to bash it now for whatever reason but it still provides a fairly strong secondary layer in my opinion. As Peter said, Appguard is another good choice if you want industrial strength protection with minimal popups. I think some of the protection layers in EAM and Hitman Pro Alert may overlap. If I were you I would go with AG or MBAM. Right now I am wrestling with the same decision, I want to run 2 programs only, EAM is a keeper, the other choices are, AG, VS and MBAM. I have lifetime licenses for all of them. Minimal popups will be of the deciding factors. I may be overthinking this as EAM is probably all anyone needs, however, I'm like you, feel naked only running 1 program.
  12. Yes, i would like to know this as well.
  13. I've been using both for years, I believe EIS is not compatible with MBAM which is a moot point now as there is no more EIS.