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  1. But if the IP is in the same subnet as last time and the same gateway device is present then I would have thought OA should consider it the same network and the previous trust status would apply? Correct, I have not seen a new network popup from AO. Thanks, Olli Greybeard, Your advice/work around has worked my earlier leased IP of has been updated to and OA did not get stuck on "Discovering Network. Please wait..." and the network remained trusted. Cheers, Aj N
  2. I do not recall any popup messages asking to respond to a new network that has been detected. The DHCP addresses that have been leased to the wired desktop would eventually be repeated also. I bet if was allocated again after a couple more leases with different IP addresses expire OA would not remember the previous status for Anyway, shouldn't OA be able to work out the gateway is always the same device via the MAC address returned?
  3. I've done as suggested. But what does this option really mean?
  4. I have updated to version Free and the problem still exists, refer to attached picture.
  5. I have Online Armor Free running on Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit with a Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor. Other security software installed is avast! Free Antivirus version 5.0.677 with virus definition version 101229-0. Whenever my DHCP lease renews with a different TCP/IP address for my wired network card in the same subnet the Firewall Interfaces tab displays "Discovering Network. Please wait.." under the description and the tick is removed from the "Trusted" column. Until the tick is manually put back under the "Trusted" column I can no longer Print to the shared printer on this computer or Remote Desktop into the computer from other computers on the same subnet. Regards, Aj N