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  1. Hello, You can always check suspicious files on Maybe this file is detected by the Cloud due to data from Anti-Malware and Internet Security users but not yet in the signatures of Bitdefender or Emsisoft. Have you updated EEK by clicking the far left tile on the main screen before scanning the file?
  2. If you want you can these samples here no problem :)

  3. Some more files including Virustotal links: Samples 150217.rar
  4. Completely missed by Emergency Kit. Some more samples for you Emsisoft missed Samples (2).rar
  5. Completely missed by Emergency Kit. Samples 120217.rar
  6. Some of the ads can be quite malicious so block then and dont click them. The site itself shoukd be fine.
  7. Ich habe dieses Problem per Ticket gemeldet da es wirklich gefährlich für unerfahrene Nutzer sein kann hier Dateien runterzuladen mit denen sie nicht wissen wie man damit umgehen sollte.
  8. I think Anti-Exploit is in the works but i guess @Fabian Wosar has more information
  9. Forum looks good now a bit of tweking here and there still left tho :)

  10. The Forum has been under DDoS lately quite alot and i hope this will be taken care of soon and hopefully for a long time.
  11. This wont happen as its not valuable enough for Emsisoft at this point in time, too low people that would actually use it for a small company.
  12.!/scan/4d7647c1e0f0247df700e0a9d8caa70ae3445c0b8aac0805310f6d3f114b0cb8 Warning User Enumeration is possible The first two user ID's were tested to determine if user enumeration is possible. ID User Login 1 esbadmin esbadmin Avast blocks the website too.
  13. It says that an instaance of the service is already running. Tried with 2 of the services. I used VmWare Quick Install for the VM, didnt change any Boot related settings at any point.
  14. Anything to see?
  15. Ok. Didnt do yesterday cause i had a stomach ache so maybe today with the new build. If im in the mood.