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  1. Petrovic

    Emsisoft vs cmdRansomware
  2. Petrovic

    CLOSED Beta 8750

    context & custom(including scan compressed files)
  3. Petrovic

    CLOSED Beta 8750

    emsi do not unpacks upx when scanning? packed unpack
  4. Petrovic

    CLOSED Beta 8750

    how to clean this? logs - clean \ProgramData\Emsisoft\Reports -clean
  5. пришли обновы сегодня для фаер-а но.....
  6. в продолжение...... опять все перепутали это вообще фиксится будет? исходящие и входящие столбцы перепутаны местами в русской локализации
  7. AVLab: protection test against ransomware threats In the category for home users, these applications received the highest award: Emsisoft Internet Security 11 Emsisoft Internet Security 12 In the category for small and medium businesses, these applications received the highest award: Emsisoft Anti-Malware for endpoints Test: Congrats Emsisoft team! I wish you success in you work!
  8. Petrovic

    Firewall rules bug

    Are there any news?
  9. Petrovic

    Firewall rules bug

    Hello Protection -> Application Rules English translation Russian translation In Russian: incoming=outgoing Swapped please fix it
  10. вот написано все:
  11. Beta Where are settings?
  12. Зачем вредоносные сайты в исключения? Есть списки, которые можно прекрасно добавлять(обновляемые) например: Список SWS(SymantecWebSecurity) Malware blacklist от MVPS DenMalware blacklist MDL(MalwareDomanlist) hosts
  13. Petrovic

    Improved proactive protection

    Thanks you! And look at this Keylogger Sample Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9 default settings Launch File not be blocked Interception data
  14. Sample sample-launch EAM 9 Unpacking- scan-launch (Run as administrator) Restart proactive protection needs improvement