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  1. Installed fine on my Quad Core. This time I chose to trust everything in the wizard and I did not encounter any problems as of yet.
  2. Installed the RC of OA 5.0 Free yesterday (did uninstall 4.5 Free, rebooted and started the installation). The installation went fine. Also the Wizard finished in a timely manner (tested it on my old P4 with Windows 7 32 Bit, 4GB RAM). But I do not seem to get Internet Access (Opera is trusted) and if I change some applications to trusted, they will be reverted back to untrusted (though I allowed them). Gonna try to set all to trusted via the Wizard and will try the RC on my slightly newer quad core (Windows 7 64 Bit, 4GB RAM) today.
  3. Are there any news about a public beta (in the meaning of not requiring to write a pm to Emsi)? I got 2 computers (32 and 64 Bit version of Windows 7) and I got the feeling that OA does not work that well with SP1 and want to test if version 5 works better and do not know if i got the requirements for beta testing, i.e. I am not often at home at the weekend and do not know how much time i have to review it good because of my working time.
  4. Uninstall, reboot, manually deleting the driver and reinstalling OA worked.
  5. Got the same message (though the number is #185). I got it after installing SP1 for Windows 7. Gonna try to uninstall it, reboot and install it.
  6. I do not intend to do it (still got 2 Premium licenses left). I was just curious how it is.
  7. Thank you for the detailed answer. But I really would like to see a check for updates and check for program updates option in the tray icon. Though if it is not for the free version, will it hurt? I mean you can install the Premium version as a trial and after 30 days it will automatically switch to the free version. Will it install the old file version or will it stay more up to date?
  8. I am using OA Free on one computer and OA Premium on anothter computer. With OA Premium a right click on the tray icon allows me to check for both signature (oasis) and program updates. On the free version I am missing that feature. I can check for updates in the program, but it does not mention any updates, while the Premium version today downloaded build of oahlp.exe when i manually checked for program updates using the tray icon. I even don't know if the manual update from the gui will check for program updates or for oasis only. Were these program updates only for the Premium and ++ version? I hope the check for updates and check for program updates option will be added to the tray icon of the free version aswell.
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