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  1. Success! Remnant miniport drivers now removed. Hi, thanks for your comments. Hmm, I second dallas7 - one thing I was looking for early on. GT500 - Windows version stated in my 1st post. Sorry, it looks as if I didn't put it in my profile. It's on a laptop BTW, and up to date. Ok, I can confirm that this time (it didn't succeed when i tried earlier) simply uninstalling the driver remnant actually worked, and was ok after restart. So, I don't know why OA6 (automatic update) caused me all the lengthy updates after logging on and prompts to restart, whereas 5.5 had been fine. Which is why I ended up struggling to uninstall this after quite a long time with OA. Boot time down 1 minute without OA! Interestingly now with Fsecure Internet Security alone - which now uses Windows firewall! (which I had moved to from Avast Free AV + OA premium) my boot time is reduced more than a minute. I had been running Fsecure IS without its firewall + OA premium, to benefit from Bitdefender antivirus + OA. Ah well, seemed a good idea..
  2. Hello Sheep Expert, Thanks, I had read a similar thread before, and tried reinstalling OA and uninstalling. After quite a bit of messing around, including losing my internet connection as per the thread you refer to and another, several leftover OA miniport references in Device Manager were eliminated. This one is the only one left, but it's listed as an Unknown Device under 'Other Devices', detail is nt_oanetmp, as I said. More: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) A service installation section in this INF is invalid. To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver. An attempt to reinstall this -> 'Could not find'. I've finally just tried to uninstall it again, and this time it has disappeared from the Device Manager. I'll have to wait to try a restart to see if it's gone...
  3. Hi, after uninstalling OA 5.5 premium (then v6) (because after the update to v6 I was getting lots of time-consuming updates and prompt to restart + re-enter serial) I'm left with an unknown device in Device Manager. This shows nt_oanetmp under 'Details'. There are a number of refs ot this in the registry, but these are protected and cannot be deleted. I also tried Sysinternals psexec tool to launch the registry- this appeared to work, but the entry I tried to delete was back after restart. Please advise.. thanks. Vista Ultimate 32 bit Eng
  4. Hi, perhaps ever since the last update to OA, or possibly after installing sthg else - I can't determine which.. I've noted that oasrvse.exe takes most of the CPU power of one core. I've got the impression it sometimes happens when I launch a browser, but not always. When it happens, it's really hard to stop. I have to close OA, then repeatedly try to kill the process. It takes some time until that seems to be feasible. It became so annoying, I decided to take up my bank's free Kaspersky Internet Suite. I've used OA (licensed) for over a year, with Avast4, and been quite happy. I've noted a few reports of issues related to this process, so leave this with you. I've made no hardware changes, and no obviously major change of background startup processes. Vista Ultimate, 32 bit.
  5. Thanks for your help..much appreciated.. To summarise: issue encountered on Vista (Ultimate), 32 bit, English, up to date. Online Armor Premium (downgraded from ++). dalchina
  6. **** Here's the reason - OA's Hotkeys **** At least on my PC, if I disable OA's hotkeys, then AX works fine sending all the variants of 'u' to an application. Further: It is not enough to CLEAR all the hot keys. It is necessary to DISABLE them. Questions: 1. Why do I see that, but not Luc and catprincess? Mm.. are hotkeys enabled? 2. Why does OA looking for hotkeys affect the particular sequence (backspace, <character to be displayed>) from AX? (In my case at least). At least I've a good workaround... dalchina
  7. Hi luc, maybe the <space>F8 sequence was introduced in AX v4 - ...sorry, I don't know.. The author kindly told me about it, & I didn't use it until I'd installed v4. http://vulpeculox.net/ax/AXV4.exe Well, I've tried killing everything I can using Autoruns, but that's proved nothing new. If the effect I see is somehow due to something else, identifying what may prove hard. Now if I were able to run OA in Safe Mode, then since in Safe Mode ú appears ok, if I could then run OA I could see if it affected ú or not. That might prove whether the effect I see in normal mode is solely related to OA. I don't have access to another PC to compare, unfortunately. I suppose I could try reinstalling OA, but that could prove more painful than it's worth...and probably gain nothing. If anyone's any idea what else I could try..
  8. Also tried killing all processes and services I reasonably could; even context entries using Shellexview. The only thing I've found that allows AX to transmit that character is to disable OA'a GUI.
  9. (The character string above is obtained by hitting space, F8. I'm using Chinese (pinyin), but the same applies to any other languages supported including this character).
  10. Well done! Very precise understanding- thanks! Sorry, should have posted the URL for the program. Yes, my firewall is v4.5.1.431. I have added AX's folder to the exceptions. No, there's no history entry related to using 'F8' with AX. AX.exe is listed as trusted. With OA GUI running aāáǎàa eēéěèe iīíǐìi oōóǒòo uūǔùüǖǘǚǜu aāáǎàa eēéěèe iīíǐìi oōóǒòo uūǔùüǖǘǚǜu With OA GUI closed ('Close GUI Interface' from rt click on tray icon) aāáǎàa eēéěèe iīíǐìi oōóǒòo uūúǔùüǖǘǚǜu aāáǎàa eēéěèe iīíǐìi oōóǒòo uūúǔùüǖǘǚǜu (V4 of AX is now available, but does the same thing). Vista Ultimate, 32 bit.
  11. Hi, OA's GUI running (not the firewall itself) seems to change ú (sent to an application) into sthg else. What am I trying to do? - use a small program (AX) to enter accented characters easily in Word and other apps. What happens? All the characters are fine except for ú which was converted into 'select last character' then 'backspace (delete)' on the next occurrence. The correct character is 'sent' by the utility AX. How did I identify OA as the apparent culprit? All is fine in Safe Mode. Eventually I found closing down OA in normal mode allowed AX to work properly. Shutting down HIPS, the firewall only, keyloggers... has no effect, nor does adding AX's folder as an exception. Only shutting OA's GUI down allows AX to work. What significance does this character (code) have for OA? Why does it intercept it? Ideas welcome! Thanks, dalchina.
  12. Many thanks- it's certainly time I did this. On the basis of the most recent Avast update, it looks as if it's working..
  13. Hi, Is there a way of permanently allowing sf.bin, which seems to run shortly after each AV signature update? sf.bin changes each time, so each time I 'trust' it, that won't count next time. Is it possible to specify an exclusion- if so, how? by folder or file name? I'm sure this must have been asked before- I couldn't find it on the old Online Armor forum, although there's a post on Avast's, but not resolved. (Reports about this vs various firewalls). Thanks!
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