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  1. Thank you for your quick reply Thomas. I followed your instructions and everything went smoothly and now all computers are running OA Internet Security. Yay! Really appreciate your help
  2. Hi there, I have just bought Emisoft Internet Security for 4 computers. 2 computers have previously had the free Microsoft Security Essentials firewall/anti-virus package and I am in the process of downloading the OA Internet Security package to them for installing with my new license keys. However, the other 2 computers have been running OA++, one of which the license expires tomorrow and the other has already expired but has 5 days grace left on it. Do I need to uninstall OA++ from those 2 computers and start afresh by downloading the OA Internet Security to those 2 computers - or sho
  3. Yes, I do have the original EMail which now that I look at it, was for my original OA Premium License key. However, when I renewed my OA++ subscription a few days ago now - instead of just following the link in the email, I logged into the Members area first and chose to renew the License key that I currently was using with my OA++. So glad I checked first instead of renewing the wrong key and just having OA Premium! As I just received another email today with this old license OA Premium key, I will click on the "don't remind me again" part so I stop receving the emails for this old . Than
  4. When I originally purchased OA Premium, it was for 3 users because we have 2 computers - and I last purchased the OA in July 2010 and had the same key activated in both computers. When I upgraded to OA++ to get the Anti-Virus in January 2011, I assumed that it would still be for 3 users (somehow I messed up somewhere along the process but didn't realise until I did the next step). I put the new key that I was emailed into my firewall where you activate it. But when I tried to activate the SAME key into my other computer, it wouldn't accept it and came up with some message (which I can't re
  5. Hi, I hope this isn't a dumb question. Originally I had Online Armour Premium which I had bought around the end of June/early July 2010. In January 2011, I upgraded to OA++ because I wanted the anti-virus package as well. I entered the new license key from the email I had received following this upgrade and then have been able to use the Anti-Virus part of the package. My License Expiry on my firewall changed the number of days so that it would expire in January 2012. I have received a couple of emails in the past month or so from Emisoft about my need to renew my subscription including
  6. Hi, I have OA Premium and wish to upgrade to OA++ so that I can include the anti-virus, anti-malware and rootkit scanner software which is offered with the ++ version. My current license expires in 184 days (in case that is helpful). Can you please run me through the steps of how I do this? My machine is running: * Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3, with latest updates * Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Database Version 5440 * Was running Avast anti-virus 5.1.864 but program removed due to some possible ? conflict with OA (but pls don't quote me that is definitely the reas
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