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  1. Thank you for your quick reply Thomas. I followed your instructions and everything went smoothly and now all computers are running OA Internet Security. Yay! Really appreciate your help
  2. Hi there, I have just bought Emisoft Internet Security for 4 computers. 2 computers have previously had the free Microsoft Security Essentials firewall/anti-virus package and I am in the process of downloading the OA Internet Security package to them for installing with my new license keys. However, the other 2 computers have been running OA++, one of which the license expires tomorrow and the other has already expired but has 5 days grace left on it. Do I need to uninstall OA++ from those 2 computers and start afresh by downloading the OA Internet Security to those 2 computers - or should I only download the Emisoft Anti-Malware - and then pop in the two new license keys (ie: one for the Anti-Malware and one for the Firewall) and somehow the Firewall will upgrade to the new version? I am a little confused as you can see. Also, a 2nd question: I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Professional, ie: paid version on the 2 laptops that only had the Microsoft Security Essentials and wondered if Malwarebytes will clash with the Emisoft Anti-Malware? Should I uninstall the Malwarebytes? I am wondering if my system may slow to a crawl due to excessive CPU usage? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, I do have the original EMail which now that I look at it, was for my original OA Premium License key. However, when I renewed my OA++ subscription a few days ago now - instead of just following the link in the email, I logged into the Members area first and chose to renew the License key that I currently was using with my OA++. So glad I checked first instead of renewing the wrong key and just having OA Premium! As I just received another email today with this old license OA Premium key, I will click on the "don't remind me again" part so I stop receving the emails for this old . Thanks catprincess Honestly, I wouldn't worry about claiming credit - but JWC, I really appreciate the explanation. Having a Firewall that works so well and is reliable, user-friendly and makes me a happy computer user is worth the extra money that I paid I went nuts before OA came into my life One thing that puzzles me though: when I decided to upgrade my OA Premium in Jan 2011 which was licensed for 3 users as we have 2 computers, why did the upgrade for going to OA++ that I clicked on in the Members Area only upgrade for one user only instead of 3? Does it default to only 1 computer user? Or did I mess up somewhere along the line when I paid and only paid for one user by mistake ? Just curious..... I do like the conversion option that you mentioned JWC - sounds like a win-win for everyone! Thanks JWC and catprincess You guys rock!! Jocelyn
  4. When I originally purchased OA Premium, it was for 3 users because we have 2 computers - and I last purchased the OA in July 2010 and had the same key activated in both computers. When I upgraded to OA++ to get the Anti-Virus in January 2011, I assumed that it would still be for 3 users (somehow I messed up somewhere along the process but didn't realise until I did the next step). I put the new key that I was emailed into my firewall where you activate it. But when I tried to activate the SAME key into my other computer, it wouldn't accept it and came up with some message (which I can't remember now as it was 6 months ago) but obviously it was to do with being valid for 1 computer/user only. I ended up purchasing another OA++ for this other computer so this now (obviously) has a separate key as at the time, I had to have that computer able to be used within the hour and didn't have time to get on this forum and ask what else I could do - it was unfortunately a matter of urgency for my partner to be able to use it. So in my Members area, I have now have 3 license keys - one for my partner's computer which has OA++ installed, and two others as follows: 1 is for when I first installed OA Premium in July 2009 - update expiration 7th July 2011 with the renew column ticked + the upgrade column ticked. This license number is my OLD one from when I first had just the OA Premium. The 2nd is Online Armor AV+, first installed 5th Jan, 2011 - update expiration 4th Jan, 2013 with just the renew column ticked. This 2nd license number is what I have now on my OA++ version. The reset columns for all 3 of these licenses have 3 red crosses. What do I do to reset the number? I am a little unsure what to press as I don't want to mess up more than I already have. Sorry for the long-winded reply - just kinda trying to explain what happened along my journey so it makes some sort of sense (well, I hope so anyway). Jocelyn Thanks for your help
  5. Hi, I hope this isn't a dumb question. Originally I had Online Armour Premium which I had bought around the end of June/early July 2010. In January 2011, I upgraded to OA++ because I wanted the anti-virus package as well. I entered the new license key from the email I had received following this upgrade and then have been able to use the Anti-Virus part of the package. My License Expiry on my firewall changed the number of days so that it would expire in January 2012. I have received a couple of emails in the past month or so from Emisoft about my need to renew my subscription including one in the past few days saying my subscription expires in 15 days even though my firewall said 195 days. So I renewed the OA++ license key (not the old premium license key) a few minutes ago (afraid that my firewall would cease working if I didn't), activated the key again from the email I just received on my firewall where you activate the key, and now my license expiry says 560 days on my firewall - obviously the 195 days + 1 year of 365 days. Considering that my original OA Premium firewall should be due to expire in June/July, that sort of made sense, and I assume that when I upgraded to OA++, I paid the pro-rata cost for 6 months until my firewall subscription would have expired in June/July 2011 (ie: now). I am confused as to how my firewall is calculating the days left on my OA++ License. It should read 365 days now that I have renewed (shouldn't it??) . Or will the anti-virus part of the package stop working in January 2012 (when it would be 12 months since I upgraded to OA++ from OA Premium) - and will I receive an email saying that I should renew it? How can I reset the License expiry to show 365 days and not 560 days? My firewall definitely says OA++ - I didn't renew the old license which was only the OA Premium version. Can anyone please help? I haven't a clue what to do. It is all so confusing. Jocelyn System: Windows XP Home Service Pack 3, Mozilla Firefox browser 5.0, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version) datebase version 6900 - fingerprints loaded 321621.
  6. Hi, I have OA Premium and wish to upgrade to OA++ so that I can include the anti-virus, anti-malware and rootkit scanner software which is offered with the ++ version. My current license expires in 184 days (in case that is helpful). Can you please run me through the steps of how I do this? My machine is running: * Windows XP Home, Service Pack 3, with latest updates * Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Database Version 5440 * Was running Avast anti-virus 5.1.864 but program removed due to some possible ? conflict with OA (but pls don't quote me that is definitely the reason) which had my computer constantly re-booting So now no anti-virus installed (I am using my DH's laptop which does have an earlier version of Avast to post on this forum in case you are wondering) * No other firewalls, anti-virus or anti-spyware running I guess my other question is: will the Anti-Malware on OA ++ conflict with the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program? TIA for your advice and help in this matter