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  1. Same here. I've had this issue even without other security software installed, and on previous clean Windows installations. As you say, it's a trivial issue really as you don't often open up the interface but it'd be nice to have the window loading instantly.
  2. I'll add my logs too just so you can see if there's a similarity with the issue. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. I have also noticed that there is just a minor delay in loading the main window using EAM V10 and also having tested V11. It's minor, perhaps 3-4 seconds but the interface does seem to have a small delay before showing up.
  4. Thank you Will I hear back from anyone on that or should I just wait and see if the issue happens again after a future update?
  5. Okay, here are the logs for you. I hope they can shed some light on the issue! Logs.zip
  6. Nope, once again on a reboot with the latest version the tray icon disappears and no a2guard.exe. I can get them back on rebooting again but it's puzzling why it's happening. EDIT: Just to clarify, I've had this issue even on fresh system images with no other software installed except Windows and Emsisoft. It seems to be entirely related to Windows 10 as I've never had such an issue on Windows 8.1, which is my previous OS. This is also a fresh Windows installation, not an upgrade from 8.1.
  7. I'm going to completely uninstall EAM and reinstall the brand new version from yesterday and see if that makes any difference. I'll get back to you!
  8. Thanks for all the info! I ran all of the repairs through twice, but I'm afraid the crash has just happened again. I just restarted the PC to update to the latest version of EAM and I've logged back on to find no tray icon and a2guard.exe isn't listed in Task Manager. Very strange issue indeed.
  9. OK, I've attached the logs to this post. I hope they help! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. It's happened again today after a reboot, following a completely fresh reinstall of Windows. The only Emsisoft-related process that is running is a2service.exe and not the one you mentioned. Again, no tray icon at all and no realtime protection service running as far as I can see. Interestingly, on this fresh install I hadn't yet completely disabled Windows Defender using the O&O program. I checked and all the Defender-related functions were turned off before the reboot (and greyed out). Upon rebooting and seeing that the tray icon is missing, all of Defenders functions are back on. This issue has also occurred even when I've completely disabled Defender altogether though.
  11. It's been happening rarely when booting up the PC and when restoring from sleep. I guess the only real worry with it is that it seems to remove the 'Realtime Protection' from Task Manager, though I'm sure it's still protected.
  12. I put my PC into sleep mode, woke it up and now the EAM icon is missing again and only the Protection Service is listed in the Task Manager. Windows Defender is definitely turned off completely (I did this via the O&O Shut Up program).
  13. I haven't seen a reoccurence of it but then it did seem to be rather rare to begin with. I'll keep monitoring it anyway now that Defender has been completely turned off. Thanks for the help!
  14. I actually do use that tool and used it again to switch Windows Defender off. That seems to work just fine. Do you have any idea what might be happening with the other issue? Thanks!
  15. Hey guys I've been using EAM 10 successfully on Windows 10 x64 using a clean, fresh install. The program works fine 99% of the time, but very rarely when I boot the PC up the tray icon for Emsisoft simply won't appear at all. There are normally two entries for EAM in the Windows task manager but, in this instance, only the Protection Service is listed there. I've attached screenshots showing the lack of tray icon and the listings in Task Manager. If I reboot the PC it'll usually appear on the next boot without an issue, so it's definitely a somewhat rare issue but seems to only be something I've experienced on Windows 10. Is there any information I can provide to help you diagnose the issue? It's probably a very minor thing but I thought I'd report it anyway. Thanks kindly. Update: I rebooted just so I could get the tray icon back and happened to notice that in the Windows Defender area of the settings on Windows 10 it's completely activated in there. I was under the assumption EAM would deactivate WD when installed. Could this be contributing to the issue or is it separate? I've uploaded another screenshot showing this issue if it does help.
  16. Sure! I've attached it to this post for you. Yes, I had just freshly installed Windows and was reinstalling EIS on the computer. I couldn't connect to the update server but I ticked beta updates as I wanted to try out V10. I'll try what you said and hopefully get myself back on track again. EDIT: That method worked and I'm now on V10. Everything seems to be working fine now, thank you! logs.7z
  17. I didn't know whether to start a new thread or not, so I'll just say that I've got this EXACT same issue as well with a slight difference. I've got EIS 9.0 and I was having issues connecting to the update server too and had enabled beta updates. I checked this morning that the update had succeeded and it had, prompting me to reboot. After rebooting, Emsisoft shows me this window in the attached images and won't accept my license key any longer. This has never happened before - it's almost as if Emsisoft has regressed to an older version. EDIT: I'm guessing it's regressed to an old version of EAM somehow and therefore it doesn't accept my EIS key any longer. Not sure what to do beyond uninstalling and reinstalling but thought I'd let you know.
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