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  1. EEC won't recognize installed EAM on domain servers (including itself) I have: EEC EAM server version It used to work until i changed the EAM licence key to server edition... but i'm not sure if it's related... EEC detects the servers and show the status as online but says that EAM is not installed In the EEC log i see this error for each server it tried to scan: "pipe is not initialized for 'server_name' client" Please help
  2. your support helped me and fixed the problem tnx
  3. Windows server 2012 Emsisoft Anti-Malware
  4. not working and just says error in the update log (details are empty)
  5. for 3 days no updates... says done and "update process was terminated"
  6. i'm using Emsisoft Enterprise Console on a server 2012 to test it... i'm trying to manage 2 servers: 1 - the same server with the console 2 - another server the first server works... the second server: first i found out that i need to allow icmp for the server to be "online" but i cant manage it - i just see red x and no data, no error in the system log... what else needed except icmp ?
  7. I wanted to buy a renew for 3 pc's, when I get to the plan selection page it says that my country get's 50% off, 3 X 3 years for 68.20 USD... after selecting the plan I get a new page that says the price is 136.40 USD ??????