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  1. You can try to have EAM exclude OnlineArmor from protection, and vice versa.
  2. If the program was malicious, EAM would have alerted you about some unknown .exe or .dll, if I am not mistaken. That unknown executable would be the payload. EAM doesn't provide a whitelist library, only a library of the programs you exclude manually, like another AV, HIPS, etc.
  3. To Legend, itman and all concerned, I think this problem is similar to the problem I had with Windows explorer.exe. I noticed a white list update, and there are no more alerts for explorer. The flash settings may not matter anymore, but I still think it is a good idea to at least clear the flash cache regularly, since tracking cookies could be there.
  4. After the latest windows 8.1 update, EAM keeps on asking me that explorer is trying to change the browser settings. I checked the file and it is clean and has a certificate. Has EAM updated the trusted signatures for this program yet? I noticed after windows updates, or a browser update, there is a lag for trusted signature updates.
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