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  1. I had done that - see 3rd post. but since then I've deleted spybot etc. so here is a new one and the addition file from the first time I ran it. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. still hangs after uninstalling spybot, and adding the mutual exclusions. Excel took 1:10 to open the splash screen then another :10sec to fully open. (not to file just to program). in my second post I included a hijack link. Did you look at that? Should I be concerned? How would I remove all that. Shouldn't EAM do that? THANKS for your help btw!!! I really appreciate it. My old routine would be to simply wipe and re-install everything, but I don't have the time!
  3. Its the free version. I had dumped Avast because it was getting pushy with the ads and bloat. So then I tried for a short time Panda. But it would turn itself OFF. NICE. During that period I installed Spybot just to have another scan. I can uninstall that. EAM Security Pack appears to be all in one. So could spybot be conflicting? Thanks for the link I'll try that now
  4. here is an example: It takes 1.5 minutes to load excel, little less than one minute to load a standard pdf. Once in a software I have issues. Quickbooks hangs on emailing out an invoice or crashes without trying. If I close a software it takes about 30 seconds. More if its a pdf. If I try to print its over a minute to pull up the print dialog in Excel, Chrome, FF, IE, Adobe reader (haven't tried pro). Then 30 sec or so to cycle through my router to the printer. its killing me!!! I live in a world of instant gratification gang. I want it now. <<<read a bit of sarcasm and humor>>>. help
  5. I've run the EET & FRST. Here are those logs. I'm not seeing an infection so that leads me to believe its an comparability issue. a2scan_140416-134138.txtAddition.txtFRST.txt Not sure how to exclude OA from EAM and vice versa..
  6. Bit more info:: I found the hijack free (nice) and ran an analysis = here it is if it helps: http://analyze.hijackfree.com/analyze/?id=859de17b-894c-4eb1-93d9-924fe7d87aad Looks like some worms, but I don't know why they haven't been caught and fixed by EAM.. help
  7. Hi - Newbie to EAM here! Trying it out and I am liking what I'm seeing. You didn't hide everything under the skirts. So I'd like to work to get this configured right. I installed the EAM did a deep scan = all good. Installed the Online Amour firewall too. Windows firewall is off. But I'm getting a lot of "not responding" hangs. The software eventually pops in, but it takes a minute. Start / Search programs box takes a long time to find simple stuff. I turned off the HIPS on OA to see if that would help, but nope. I'll turn it back on. Any ideas? Shawn
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