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  1. Thanks for the effort! I tried what you suggested. When I unticked the first one, there second one was ticked. I removed both. I did this several times. Unfortunately it doesn't help. I still get a lot of software automatically allowed and trusted. I can change it to Block/Untrust but then I have to watch for the software to show up in the list (already having privileges they shouldn't).
  2. Thank you very much! They are already turned off though, all three of them. Just in case I've let it run a little more and sure enough, new software popped up as "Trusted" and "Allowed". Some recent examples: AcLayers.DLL nvvsvc.exe WINSPOOL.DRV xul.dll Out of nowhere they end up on the Programs list. This seems to be a very long thread about the domains list. Is there any post in particular I should read? Thanks.
  3. Additional info Online Armor version: Online Armor license: Free edition OS: Windows 8 Pro x64 AV: Norton Antivirus
  4. I have several times noticed that software is being "Trusted" and "Allowed" without my inteference. This worries me greatly. I've tried to set it up so I would have absolute control and not being nannied. Although something have been grayed out "In addition, automatically trust programs signed with valid digital signatures" there's no checkmark in it and it can't be changed. I suspect that is the culprit and it's turned on anyway because I'm not running with paid software, but I'm really not sure what the reason is. Can someone please tell me why OA is making decisions without my knowledge and how I can get in control. Thanks.
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