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  1. That's good news. Sounds as though it took testing in 64-bit to find the problem. Glad it'll get fixed.
  2. I have uninstalled OA until something changes that allows me to not have to exclude the Chrome\Application folder in OA. I appreciate your testing efforts, Arthur, and look forward to hearing what you learned. In my original post I wrote that I "dislike running with Sandboxie even more". That was a typo that I cannot edit. It should have said, "I dislike running without Sandboxie even more".
  3. Same issue as gdiloren and tempnexus for me. Windows 7 Home Premium, Chrome 21.0.1180.75, OA Free Updated today, and Sandboxie 3.72 (64-bit). I have to exclude the Chrome\Application folder in OA in order to get Chrome to work with OA and with Sandboxie. I don't need the exclusion if I open Chrome outside of Sandboxie. I dislike having to exclude my browser in OA, but I dislike running with Sandboxie even more.
  4. Aha! I fixedit! By turning off Program Guard, the yellow "Program is an installer" status changed to the peach-colored "Program is an unknown". I could then change it to Trust. Previously, none of the options in the menu worked when it was under the yellow status... clicking on Trust had no effect. But with Program Guard turned off, I could change the status to Trust. I turned Program Guard back on and no more pop-ups. Pats self on back.
  5. Or turn off program guard. Or uninstall OA and go back to Windows firewall or any of the other firewalls available. Or keep clicking on the prompt every time Click&Clean loads. Hmmmm
  6. I am having the exact same issue. Maybe I should exclude the npccch32.dll file from OA? I'm on Win7 using OAFree I don't really feel like installing a beta. Thanks.
  7. Regarding version, can you possibly refer me to the changelog, and tell me if it is okay to install over the top (I assume it is) and if I need to close and shutdown OA first, or does the installer do this (I'm thinking the installer handles it). Appreciate the help, stapp
  8. Well that would be nice. It's not an alert generated by Web Shield or Program Guard?
  9. A couple of days ago I deactivated HIPS features in OA Free. I rebooted as needed (in fact I have rebooted a few times since then), and confirmed that only the firewall was running. (See attachments) Today I updated MBAM program version and OA popped up and asked me if I wanted to allow or block MBAM. This is frustrating, to say the least, because OA status is showing me only firewall is running and not Web Shield, Program Guard or Anti-Keylogger, but still I get a HIPS alert. What am I supposed to do to turn off the HIPS features?
  10. Thanks for the reply, Nick! I think your idea is a good one. I'll report back if the issue continues.
  11. I've been using OA for quite a long time. It's very dependable and very predictable... until yesterday. Yesterday I installed a new program (KeyScrambler), so I switched OA to Learning Mode. The install went fine. I don't think I switched it back, but I rebooted as required for the software install, and to the best of my recollection, OA started in Learning Mode. Not a big surprise, I then disabled Learning Mode and ran the computer for a few hours. Next time I rebooted, it started up in Learning Mode again, and I had to once again disable Learning Mode. Now it seems like on every reboot, OA is starting in Learning Mode. Something changed, and I'd like to get it back to the way it was. Edit in: I may have posted about this problem too soon. I just tested it a couple of more times and on each reboot, OA did NOT start in Learning Mode... it started like it is supposed to. Hmmmm.
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