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  1. What worked for me was to go into the shortcut properties and click on Compatibility and then put a check mark in the "disable display scaling on high DPI settings". Everything about this program is showing now. Maybe this will work for you.
  2. I apologize because I didn't make myself clear. I have to drag it around but then I still can't see all of it at the bottom of my screen because it is so big, it won't go up but so far and that isn't enough. It sounds like you are seeing the same as I am.
  3. It's too large for my desktop screen also and I have it set to run on minimum display. I have to drag it around to see it all.
  4. I have been trying for several hours to renew my Anti-Malware license for one pc but it will not let me unless I purchase for 3 computers. I am doing it by clicking on the renewal option in Emisoft Antimalware but still it won't do it just for one pc. For some reason, it thinks my serial number is a 3 pc license. I checked my receipt from last year and it says 1 pc. The serial number corresponds with the one on the renewal page and on my reciept from last year but it still insists I purchase for 3 pcs. I have tried to change it manually and then clicking update, but no that doesn't work either. I have also tried it on 3 different browsers and they all do the same. Why must I made a purchase for 2 pc's that I don't have just so I can use it on one?
  5. Ok, I did as you suggested except I couldn't send the beats64.exe. I received an error stating "this file type cannot be sent as an attachment" But, I did send the history file.
  6. I booted my computer this morning and received an alert from Online Armor stating Beats64.exe was suspicious of keylogging. As a percaution, I blocked it but I've had this computer since March and this file came with it. I've had Online Armor installed since then also so why am I just now getting this warning? I have been booting it every day with no warnings until today. This system came with Beats audio software installed so should I believe it? Is this just a new definition or a false positive?
  7. Thank you!!! I will try it out now!!!
  8. I have sent you my expired number via PM.
  9. Can anyone tell me if the Banking Mode is working like it used to now? Are you still able to access any web site while you're in Banking Mode? I have been using the free version since my subscription expired around July. I can't use the trial version and see for myself if it is working now. I had tried an updated trial version in hopes that the Banking Mode had been fixed several months ago but it wasn't so I stuck with the free one. Today, I downloaded version hoping since it was a new version, I could use the trial version in hopes again of the Banking mode being repaired. But, it didn't work. I kept getting the "trial expired" message so I had to go back to the free version. Are we not allowed to try newer versions when we have tried an older version before? I thought maybe since it was version 6, etc., that maybe it would work but apparently, I was wrong. I would like try the Premium version before I purchase it and see for myself if it has been repaired. How long do we need to wait before we can use the "trail" versions?
  10. I'm not holding my breath but I AM hanging on to my money. My liscence has expired on the premium version so right now, I'm using the trial version hoping that they will fix it during this time. If they don't, I'm through with this product.
  11. Forgot to mention, but there isn't any web site that I can't access while I'm in Banking Mode now and this didn't used to happen. I can go to many different forums, etc. with no problem what so ever. As I said earlier, I haven't found one yet that I can't access.
  12. Why can't these domains be disabled while we're in Banking Mode? We can get updates, etc. later when we're not doing our banking. Now if we staying in Banking Mode all the time, I could understand but no one keeps it in banking mode 24/7. Mine used to work as others has mentioned. I was never allowed to access any web site except for the bank of my choice in my settings while it was in Banking Mode. This feature, the way it USED to work, is why I have kept renewing over the years but now, why bother.
  13. Well, I spoke too soon. It updated "components", etc . today and now Banking Mode doesn't work anymore. I can go anywhere I want while I'm in banking mode just as you guys. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. That is the feature that has kept me renewing in spite of the aggravation all these years. Oh well, I guess I'll have to find another program soon because I am up for renewal in just a few weeks.
  14. I also was having this problem with banking mode. I could pretty much access any web site I wanted to while in banking mode. I was also having problems with it hanging up while it was booting more times than not. I couldn't stand the thoughts of being pestered to death again so I had been putting off uninstalling and installing it again. But, because it was being so frequent, I thought I had better do it before I wore my computer out from restarting. I did all of the above AND enabled Beta updates as was suggested to me and now Banking Mode is working as it should and has been for about a week. I am using version I testing it again before I posted this. I could not access anything but my bank as it should be. I tried Hotmail and my browser stated it was having trouble accessing this page,etc. I never accessed anything else until I went back into Standand Mode. Just thought I would throw this in for your information. I could kick myself for not doing this sooner because this time, it was so much easier to install than in the past when I had tried this. I have not been pestered to death like in the past when it was suppose to be "remembering" our response.
  15. Ok, that explains it. I don't mind waiting as long as I know that it's not a problem I'm ignoring. Thank you for your time and help!