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  1. Hi Arthur, Thanks for your reply & questions. Yes, I have several hard drives on the machine, containing several TB of data in many files (including a source code repository). I used to run BitDefender. I completely uninstalled BD before installing Emsisoft. Brad
  2. Update : the scan has reached 100% again for at least the 2nd time. The "objects scanned" count is still climbing rapidly, but the current file still hasn't changed for hours. Looking at the CPU & Disk panes in Resource Monitor, a2service.exe is using an entire physical core of CPU, however a2service.exe is not accessing even one disk file! Previously, a2service.exe was accessing over (10) files at a time. I'm suspicious that the software has gotten stuck in an infinite loop. I stopped the scan & the software simply said no threats were discovered. It's unclear what state the software was in when I stopped it. Any comments appreciated, Thanks, Brad
  3. Hi, I installed the trial version & ran the initial scan as a custom deep scan. The process ran overnight & has now been running for about 24 hours. It reached 100% this morning but kept scanning. It has now been stuck on step 8 of 10 for more than 12 hours. The file count continues to increase, but the current file name never updates. I left for dinner & checked on things when I came back. The progress bar had gone backwards from 100% to ~40%, still in step 8! Now, a couple of hours later, it's at 65%. I'm wondering if this is a normal story for deep scans? Why did the progress bar reset instead of continuing to steps 9 & 10? Should I continue being patient or should I stop the scan? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Brad Windows 8 x64
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