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  1. Dear All at Emsisoft & Forum members, Firstly the stupid questin of the day. There are all sorts of things that are tiled "Kernel..." What is a "Kernel" I've been told but it's never fixed into my ever decreasing barin! If someone could tell me in plain (British) English I'd be a happy bunny. Secondly & perhaps more seriously. Everytime I log onto an important site; here, my banking & Ebay etc I ALWAYS get a "Not Responding" message, no matter if I'm using IE or the latest Firefox sit. Should I worry, or is it that my PC's not had it's morning tea? I would be VERY grateful if any replys posted could also be forwarded yo my yahoo email: email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming as there have been occasions when I've missed help on this site as I was naievly thinking I'd get a message on my email as well. With Kindest Regards, Joshua Brooke. A disabled non-computer expert to put it politely.
  2. Hello Emsisoft support, I am sending you copys, with attachments (hopefully) of a couple of emails before thinking of contacting this way. I am wondering if you can tell what, if any, issues I might have. Kind Regards, Joshua Brooke. P.S. I'm disabled, which seriously affects any typing; and I'm not that computer literate having relied on my late Father who worked at Reading (UK) University Cybernetics Department who, obviously sorted things out for me! Hello Emsisoft, I ran the 'Heartbleed' link on your info page & it came up red, but saying most likely cause was a time out. Basically am I OK? Also I've been getting reminders about updating my PDF, which I thought was updated via Adobe. Like a fool I did On-line Armour started screaming, my term, at me to stop so I did. I rang the support no. for UK support and spoke to a bloke who wanted to do a remote control of my machine, he then spent the better part of an hour trying to sell me 'A special Computer rescue system for $499.99! I told him that I had no such money. Anyway, after finally managing to get him off the phone, I'd turned off the attached file PDQ! The file that On-line Armour didn't like at all is also attached. When all this finished I saw that it was a PC TuneUp program. As I have AVG PCTuneUp along with Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Online Armour and have rune all the possible security checks that I have I think I'm OK, I also uninstalled PDF Standard Suite. Do you think I'm OK? I'm far from an expert and a bit of info from you would be welcome. OH, yes. Another thing the chap wanted me to uninstall all the AVG & Emsisoft programs before he started. To that I, politely, told him to take a running jump! With Kind Regards, Joshua Brooke. A Satisfied customer of yours. 2 Attachments Download all Support-LogMeInRescue .exe Download QUAD_Registry_Cleaner_Installer .exe Download Reply, Reply All or Forward | More PPS. Sorry but there's another email copy.... Hell again EmsisoftI've just sent you an email about several items. The main one being the PDF issue. I am copying the emails that I was sent yesterday by these people as I thought it might be of use to you. Again, Kind Regards,Joshua Brooke. Ethan - Technical Support To Me Jul 22 at 10:25 AM Please click the link below to request a live support session: S'il vous plaît cliquez le lien ci-dessous pour démarrer le contrôle à distance: Best Regards, Support Team Au plaisir,Support technique Reply, Reply All or Forward | More Dear Joshua Brooke, Thank you for purchasing PDF Suite Standard VIP - Coupon Spectacular. Here are your purchase details. Please save a copy of this email for your records. PDF Suite Standard VIP - Coupon Spectacular Click here to download Activation Key: 46M4233TZYZZ2ZH64H3X3VN8H Extended Download Protection Click here to download Quad Registry Cleaner Click here to download Activation Key: EK41-6M9E-MQKG-7IQ0 ACTIVATION ASSISTANCE 1-888-448-6882 CALL NOW TO INSTANTLY ACTIVATE YOUR SOFTWARE Our expert technicians will access your PC 100% securely, then remotely activate your software for you. Call us toll-free now! PHONE Australia: (+61) 1 800 213 036 United Kingdom: (+44) 203 355 6278 France: (+33) 9 75 17 85 78 Rest of the world: +1 514-733-2687 Billing information Order Number: UD8ZE339 Purchase date: 7/22/2014 5:02:19 AM Order Amount: £34.90 Billing and invoice questions: PDF.UPCLK.COM Lulu Software's Healthy Computer tip of the month! Keep your PC running efficiently by updating your drivers regularly! Click here for a free driver scanner: Sincerely, Those are all the things that concern me, sorry it's so mixed and matched. The last file I cannot attach I didn't load it. I expect this will take several days before I hear from you. If you need to, my email's in my membership file. Regards again, Joshua Brooke
  3. UPDATE from JPBrooke. I've managed to get my Online Armour panel open thank you, and whilst in there I went through ALL the options & settings etc and I've managed to BLOCK Umbrella & it's associated files from updating and starting applications I THINK. However I've not been able to unistall the thing with eith the Windows controlpanel Uninstall Or CCleaner's uninstall, so I want to try & get rid of it. Thanks & I look forward to a bit of help.Bye-bye for now, JPBrooke.
  4. HELP! Like a fool I allowed the above, Umrella.exe. I can't uninsall it and webt to "' who had a download for it & in my panic I allowed Online Armour to Block their download addrress, something like ansl???.com & of course I cannot open the downlad page. Speaking of "opening" I cannot open my Online Armour control page, my main Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8.1 no problems, but Online Armour??? No way. BTW. a) I'm disabled &typing's a Nightmare & b) i am very inexperienced at sorting PC problems as I used to pick up the phone to my Father who worked at Reading University for the best part of 35 years' and helped train a young Kevin warwick. If you know who that is!?I await with baited breath & please be patient with me! JPBrooke