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  1. Dear All at Emsisoft & Forum members, Firstly the stupid questin of the day. There are all sorts of things that are tiled "Kernel..." What is a "Kernel" I've been told but it's never fixed into my ever decreasing barin! If someone could tell me in plain (British) English I'd be a happy bunny. Secondly & perhaps more seriously. Everytime I log onto an important site; here, my banking & Ebay etc I ALWAYS get a "Not Responding" message, no matter if I'm using IE or the latest Firefox sit. Should I worry, or is it that my PC's not had it's morning tea? I would be VERY grateful
  2. Hello Emsisoft support, I am sending you copys, with attachments (hopefully) of a couple of emails before thinking of contacting this way. I am wondering if you can tell what, if any, issues I might have. Kind Regards, Joshua Brooke. P.S. I'm disabled, which seriously affects any typing; and I'm not that computer literate having relied on my late Father who worked at Reading (UK) University Cybernetics Department who, obviously sorted things out for me! Hello Emsisoft, I ran the 'Heartbleed' link on your info page & it came up red, but saying most likely cause was a time out. Basically
  3. UPDATE from JPBrooke. I've managed to get my Online Armour panel open thank you, and whilst in there I went through ALL the options & settings etc and I've managed to BLOCK Umbrella & it's associated files from updating and starting applications I THINK. However I've not been able to unistall the thing with eith the Windows controlpanel Uninstall Or CCleaner's uninstall, so I want to try & get rid of it. Thanks & I look forward to a bit of help.Bye-bye for now, JPBrooke.
  4. HELP! Like a fool I allowed the above, Umrella.exe. I can't uninsall it and webt to "winowsteechies.com' who had a download for it & in my panic I allowed Online Armour to Block their download addrress, something like ansl???.com & of course I cannot open the downlad page. Speaking of "opening" I cannot open my Online Armour control page, my main Emsisoft Anti-Malware 8.1 no problems, but Online Armour??? No way. BTW. a) I'm disabled &typing's a Nightmare & b) i am very inexperienced at sorting PC problems as I used to pick up the phone to my Father who worked at Reading
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