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  1. Personally, I don't know what's going on with oasrv.exe ( Online Armor Service)when it spikes like that. I also see the same thing at times(not often); mostly at bootup or when the OS is doing something different then normal. I mean, for me it's not a worry(at this point). I mean, security software always leaves a footprint to some degree, and at times does its thing, so occasionally, I see a spike in CPU and notice it's usually is oasrv.exe doing its thing. No worries.
  2. I have been using AVAST AV with OA++ for quite some time and have absolutely 'no problems' However, you do need to put each in the others "exclusions" list (Avast in OA exclusions and OA in Avast exclusions both in Settings and the File Shield exclusions). B)
  3. Well I guess I will wait and see if anything improves/changes with the Banking Mode (Learn)function and "rotating DNS" recognition in Version 5 B) I will PM you then.
  4. @ Fabian Thank you. Have you had an opportunity to follow this issue yourself: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3311-banking-mode-not-consistantly-working-when-used/ Paying particular attention to post #23 on Regards B)
  5. Thank you Fabian: I appolize if I misunderstood. A refund is indeed very gracious, however I will continue to use OA++ and work with the support team for the duration. I would appreciate a dialogue concerning these "few technical limitations" and the issue of 'rotating DNS' with Banking sites and is OA going to account for (address) this; I believe, for me this is really the center of my issue. B)
  6. TMA86, on 06 March 2011 - 03:11 AM, said: - Automated (and working!!!) banking mode (no user interaction) Banking Mode in my opinion is broken and needs major work. A redesign of it is scheduled for 6.0. The fact that it is broken is I think, well known. However, having "Banking Mode" as an advertised feature and not funtioning (credible), this concerns me greatly; it is one of the main reasons I purchased OA++!!! If true, to wait until version 6 (with no public statement) is totally disappointing, to say the least.
  7. (and working!!!) My sense is, there needs to be a major development(shift) in how Banking Mode functions (DNS Handling)(how sites are remembered in "Banking Mode"). I have been communicating with support on the "Banking Mode" problem for over (3)three months witb absolutely no resolution or comment on what the possibilities might be, for the inability of OA++ Bsnking Mode to function(Remenber learned Banking Web sites). So I certainly hope their work on developing and improving "The Banking Mode" for version 5 is the reason there has been No Progress and only intermittent communication(at best), with my on-going support ticket!! My link Attention to posts #23 on. B) In any case, its obvious to me, "Banking Mode" needs major work in order to function correctly and qualify as a credible and effective 'feature'of OA++. And I am excited and confident that the developers are aware of this need and version 5 will adddress this problem.
  8. Seems all good on XP's here. Obviously a reduction in speed on lower RAM machines running both active. B)
  9. I believe that is correct. Here is confirmation of compatability My link
  10. The Sandbox feature in Avast actually runs pograms in a 'virtualized environment' A little different then Run Safer B)
  11. The choice I think is really personal preference. As you can see from my signature, I run both OA++ and Avast 6. I have used both (Sandbox & Run Safer). I don't think one is better then the other. And,I don't think it's necessary to run both. As far as performance is concerned, IMHO that might be an issue with older machines, but the newer ones with dual core and 5GB Ram etc. I wouldn't think there would be any impact on 'performance' Since Avast 6 and the introduction of "Auto-Sandboxing", personally,I don't feel the need to Sandbox or Run Safer all the time (unless the sites are unknown/extreme caution). My personal preference right now is Avast Sandbox, but I restate the choice is going to be individual and I believe both features (Sandbox, Run Safer) succeed at what they were designed to do... Keep your machine safer. B)
  12. I have sent more Firewall logs and Debug "dial" to support a week ago and am waiting for some feedback on the data. NOTE:I have also inquired if any of the DNS discussion here in posts #23 to #33 have any bearing on the problem discussed in this topic. No response as yet. B)
  13. Sounds good. I would love to see OA++ with a "File and Folder Lock" B)
  14. Well what ever the case may be, the fact remains that a feature of the software doesn't function right(at this point). I appreciate the response from Support,and inquiry for Debug Logs and Firewall logs which I provided. Now I'm anticipating a response.
  15. Well I do believe you are on to something. I think catprincess may have eluded to this in an earlier post. Well if there is round -robin, rotating DNS thing going on and being that The Royal Bank is a major finanacial institution; then I would say OA has a serious flaw in its "Banking Mode" feature! Am I wrong??? The Royal Bank can't be the only major bank initiating this kind of round-robin technique. That leaves the question; what can be done to resolve the problem.....And that is what the developers are hopefully going to recognize and resolve. BTW, I don't have a problem accessing 'PayPal' account in "Banking Mode" Edit: I am awaiting a response to the latest data I sent,requested by Support a couple of days ago..
  16. Appreciate your input catprincess and insert real name: DNS is not my strong point. How do these posts relate directly to the issue here. When Bank Home Page (www.rbcroyalbank.com) is initially set up through the 'Learn' process, there does not appear to be any problem signing in(Using Banking Mode). Once I click 'Sign In' on the Home Page, I am then redirected to the Sign in Web page (www1.royalbank.com) where the necessary security info is entered and Bank Account is accessed. However, here is the oddity> Once I turn off the computer or log out and then reboot, the "settings that OA has noted" seem to be lost (or changed) I really don't know; but now I am unable to access account. I receive a DNS notice and the "Sign In" web page cannot be accessed. If I go back and re-do the 'Learn' process, then all is good >>>> until I reboot>>> then "Banking Mode" does not work. Support has contacted me recently, and I have provided some Bug Logs etc. in hopes of tracking down the specific problem I don't understand the DNS factor and how it directly relates to issue here. Thanks. B)
  17. Submitted a support request a month ago. Still waiting for a reply from the developers
  18. Hello AlanB: That is certainly very odd. I have been using OA++ aside Avast PRo for a long time (See my Signature) and have never experienced an issue with Avast Updates. I'm just spitballing here; but are you setting exclusions in the 'Options' Module of OA? Do you have exclusions set in Avast under 'Settings' and 'File Shield exclusions'and add to 'Trusted Processes' in 'Behavior Shield'
  19. Software compatibility is always dependent upon individual OS, security programs installed and configuration. I can only speak to my experience with my OS and configuration and as you can see from my signature, I have run Winpatrol Plus and OA++ side by side for a long time and have never had a compatibility problem.
  20. ID and Personal Information Block (aside from Banking Mode) B)
  21. You are welcome Andrey. I have proceeded with and completed your instructions. I hope the logs will reveal exactly what is wrong with why OA++ does not retain the 'Learn'process information on the Web Site. Thank you again for your support.
  22. Hello andrewf and thank you for you response: The login page is not available through IE8(Common Browser) with either prefix> http:// or https:// in Banking Mode. I have attached the 2 attempts with each prefix (Screenshots) Note: I want to restate a point I stated in my initial post. If I go into "websites" and re-do the 'learn' process(In Advanced Mode)for www.royalbank.com which is the Home Page and I click SIGN IN, I get the sign-in page, I sign in and can access my accout. I then switch to 'Banking Mode' and I am able to access my account, but that soon changes.This changes for some reason after awhile. I don't know exactly when or why I am unable to succeed on a consistant basis. This is extremely frustrating as access in Banking Mode' is not guaranteed over time, and soon becomes non functional. Thanks again for your time and I hope we can resolve this issue.
  23. I have submitted a support ticket to Customer Care and have every confidence that the developers/Tech folks will do everything to resolve this issue. I understand that they have spent significant time on the 'Banking Mode' feature in their beta testing.
  24. Yes, I can understand that. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the 'free versions' of many security software programs are much lighter and do not have some of the main features eabled thus are not interacting with the OS. Then when the Full Version is applied, there can be issues. Believe me, I have had this kind of problem in years past. Live and Learn
  25. Did you use the Trial version before purchasing? I also use OA++ and made use of the Trial offer before purchasing. Any time one is considering purchasing any software it is always advisable to research the availability of 'Trial versions' and then take advantage of the opportunity before making any decisions to purchase. I'm assuming the issues mentioned would have become apparent during the Trial period. B)
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