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  1. you did, I own a license for almost every AV out there.....and here is my final verdict: The best/lightest Antivirus for gamers and performance enthusiasts!
  2. Just got a refund for my 5 device license due to this issue.
  3. After experiencing many bugs with EAM and no quick resolution, I have decided to part with it. Is there an Uninstall tool for EAM that will get rid of all its traces completely?
  4. I am running out of patience waiting for a fix here........
  5. oh so it's not just on Alienware computers. Thanks for sharing your experience
  6. hmm, could it have anything to do with the Alienware Utilities that we have like Command Center or Alienware On Screen Display Application? Because this issue is only on my Alienware and doesn't happen ony my mom's or sister's DELL Inspiron Laptops Either way, something needs to be fixed from Emsisoft's side because this is the only app and AV that has this issue from what I've used before
  7. Ok, I'll install it now then and report back when the issue arises. Mind you, I was on Win 8.1 when it happened and now I'm on Win 7
  8. not at the moment Frank, I've uninstalled EAM as I just did a format and will not install the current buggy version which has this action center problem and the taskbar icon issue = http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/16305-taskbar-icon-disappearing-randomly/
  9. Any updates on this? I have just formatted again and installed Windows 7 + all Windows updates but no antivirus yet, I don't wanna messup my perfect registry now so I'm wondering if there is an updated version that I can download which fixes this issue.
  10. why would I reinstall? these are 3 new laptops that I formatted and did a clean install of Windows 8.1 Update 1 + all Windows updates + Windows Defender disabled since the start and even the 2 startup entries for Defender are disabled since I installed it so there is no conflict with any other AV. A reinstall is only a solution if one had another AV perhaps before that was installed and not properly cleaned when it was uninstalled. But in this case, we are talking about buggy programming from EAM
  11. I am having this issue as well on 3 different laptops. EAM is so buggy I am experiencing nothing but bugs since I bought my license
  12. After rebooting, the action center reports everything is ok again....
  13. a few more reboots after a few hours, and the icon disappears again, when checking the list of items in the taskbar, I found yet another EAM instance: this has got to be the buggiest AV I've used
  14. Strange, just had a look in the Action Center and it says EAM is off but it is on actually and all shields are active......what gives...
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