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  1. Hello, I tested EIS 9 public beta a few months ago but I had some problems with the firewall that was slowing my internet speed. Now I installed again the final version and I cannot activate a trial version. May I have again a trial license for 30 days so I can test if the problems are gone?
  2. Just tried that...entered safe mode renamed the file, booted normally did the update and the exact same file was downloaded again and nothing changed. I uninstalled for now, will install again when a new beta is available.
  3. Everytime the program does it automatic update it tells me to restart windows. After restart the same thing happens. I think the problem is with the fwndis64.sys file. General Information: Update started: 16.05.2014 00:01:03 Update ended: 16.05.2014 00:01:19 Time elapsed: 0:00:16 Update successful Detailed Information: 11 modules, 135823 bytes Signatures\BD\emalware.306 (30716 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\rtf.xmd (13912 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i56 (1697 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\update.txt (348 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.000 (509 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i35 (7556 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i55 (10631 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\e_spyw.i13 (2794 bytes) - updated Signatures\BD\emalware.i80 (47994 bytes) - updated a2hosts.dat (380 bytes) - updated fwndis64.sys (19286 bytes) - updated It seems that fwndis64.sys is updated all the time but after restart it updates the same file again and tells me to restart windows. Using EIS version on windows 7 x64.
  4. In the Internet security beta I miss the notification when a trusted program connects to the internet like in OA and also the firewall network connections window. Apart from that, I have no other problems with this beta. Keep up the good work
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