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  1. Well, it was one and the same message, not different pop-ups with different numbers and protocols. It was for a particular UDP connection. Not sure but I think it was 3900.
  2. Thanks, Fabian. I'm sorry to say it but I have removed EIS from my system. Turning on interactive mode of the firewall wasn't very practical. When I tried to run Skype there was a problem. A window kept popping up constantly to confirm about establishing connection of Skype and it didn't go away till I switched on to automatic rules decision of the firewall. Then something else happened. I tried to turn off the protection and the window of the application and that of my browser (Opera 12.17) had frozen. I had to restart the system. When it restarted the firewall was inactive and I had to switched it on manually which I did. I tried something else. Wanted to see if I can use some heavy application and try to play fifa 05. The system froze just once again. Cold-boot restarted it. When the desktop emerged, the firewall was once again switched off, so I turned it on manually. Then my desktop froze unexplicably once again, and I didn't do anything at the time. I really wanted to give it a try but I need my computer.
  3. Thanks, GT500. In fact, I figured it out how to switch the firewall in interactive mode. Sorry to hear it that about the engines. Greetings!
  4. Hi there, folks. I've just installed EIS on a XP system with one gb of RAM and 1.6 GhZ CPU. I'm interested in testing the software, nothing special, just to see how does it behaves and in the past I really loved Emsi... OK, jumping right on the issues. Want to know how to activate interactive mode of the firewall, firstly, and secondly, is there a way to choose between one of the engines, or there isn't such possibility? Additional security product on my system: Panda USB Vaccine, if that matters. Installation of XP - two years old. Thanks in advance! P.S. Isn't it a bit more of a RAM that is eating, or my system is just weak. No clogging the system, just saw it the Task Manager. Without it - some 250 megs, with EIS over 1 gb of RAM. Is that normal?
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