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  1. Thanks, Since it was below the Facebook button and the same style; I assumed it was information about Facebook. I avoid FB as it shares too much information without careful settings.
  2. If your system is like mine (I use dual monitors with an extended display on monitor 2.) Windows remembers the location the program was last displayed on. Drag the program from your 2nd monitor back onto the Primary. Close it there, The next time you close the program it should display on your primary monitor. You also don't say what video card(s) you are using. Mine is Nvidia. With the information you have provided this is the only thing I have experienced similar to your issue and programs defaulting to the 2nd monitor.
  3. A re-install of the current "trial" reverts to the version prior to I did this and re-marked the "allow beta downloads" which downloads the *.*.*4208 version. Temporarily un-check this until a new build is released. Hope this helps. A tool button or even right clicking on the "?" to show the current version build number would be helpful as I cannot seem to find an easy way to display it from the "Overview" interface or elsewhere except by going to the a2start.exe file properties details tab.
  4. Thank you Peter. Source to download an earlier version? All updates have been automatic since original install for Beta Program and I'm not sure I archived a copy of the original installer.
  5. Beta Version Firewall, Behavior Blocker, Surf Protection. All were off. Could not turn on. All internet connectivity Blocked. Steps Taken: Reboot, Result: No Change Check Network settings: All OK Check Local Area Connection Properties: Disable Emisoft Network Filter, Result:Internet connectivity restored. Surf Protection and Behavior Blocker still inactive and unable to select. Turn on Firewall: Successful Unsure what else to try. Beta Version Experienced Beta Tester