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  1. Greetings, Thank you both. That is the location that I had bookmarked, but that seemed dead yesterday. It works now. I had forgotten about the right click menu. Best regards, RL
  2. Greetings, All of the links that I can find to the OA WebHelp files no longer function. Where can we find them? Or are they no longer available? Best regards, RL
  3. Worked perfectly! Thank you. Best regards, RL
  4. Greetings, I have just renewed my license for OA Premium. According to the instructions, my license will be officially renewed when I update OA either manually or as per the selected schedule. My question really is what happens to OA itself when I update given that I am running a non-release version ( Best regards, RL
  5. Greetings, I would like to see a feature added for Programs, Only Deleted, Options to allow the user to select a number of days to retain the items in the list and then have them deleted automatically. I am thinking of the equivalent of the option available to clear the History list after x days. Best regards, RL
  6. Greetings, After several failures, I have tried the suggestion posted by stapp to delete the shdserv.exe entry within Programs, reboot, and run Safety Check Wizard. As expected, that did generate pop-ups regarding shdserv.exe. I checked the appropriate options for remembering my decision and trusting the entry. Those selections failed to hold through a reboot of my system. Thus far, the only thing that has appeared to work is to set the entire C:\Program Files\Shield folder as an exclusion. Why this is suddenly necessary, and whether or not it is a safe solution are questions for which I do not have answers. Best regards, RL
  7. Greetings, I finally got a pop-up notification when I booted the machine this morning. Given that notification, the RollbackRx system tray icon did load as normal. I will keep an eye on this to see if the Allowed and Trusted settings continue to hold on subsequent boots and will report back in due course. Should they fail to hold, I will try the suggestion offered by stapp. As to where I got this version, from andrewf more than two months ago. Best regards, RL
  8. As stated in the original post: OA Premium version That is not an error. Also as stated originally, resetting the program component status to Allowed and Trusted fails to carry through if the system is rebooted and therefore does not resolve the problem. That observation is reproducible.
  9. Greetings, OS: Windows XP Pro, SP3 fully updated as per Secunia PSI and Belarc Advisor OA Premium v Resident Antivirus: NOD32 v On-demand scanners: MBAM and SAS Observations: On boot, OA blocks shdserv.exe which is a component of RollbackRx. No warning popup is generated. The logged action from History follows: History Log: Created: 1/6/2011 14:22:47 Summary: Program Guard: shdserv.exe -> shieldtray.exe Description: C:\Program Files\Shield\shdserv.exe(1648) wants to remotely control C:\Program Files\Shield\shieldtray.exe(3648) Event type: Program Guard(9) Event action: Blocked(3) The result of this blockage is that shieldtray.exe is also blocked such that the RollbackRx icon fails to appear in the system tray. Thus, I cannot invoke any actions of RollbackRx via the system tray which severely diminishes the utility of the program. Changing the status of shdserv.exe from Ask and Untrusted to Allow and Trusted does not resolve the problem. Following reboot, the changed status has been forgotten and again shieldtray.exe is blocked. I have run OA and RollbackRx on this computer for a long time, even using this version of OA. This problem has never occurred before and has appeared very suddenly. Any suggestions as to how best to address this problem would be most welcome. Best regards, RL
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