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  1. I cant even install emsisoft internet security 9 beta cause when its fully installed my network said limited and i could not do anything, also i could not even turn on the behaviour blocker for some reason not just the firewall.
  2. I installed emsisoft internet security 9 beta and downloaded the latest beta and now i cant activate the firewall im not running any other antivirus or firewall and windows firewall is off, i tried restarting my pc but that still never fixed the issue. Ive also had many issues regarding the updating sometimes it takes very long like a few mins when it use to be very fast, sometimes after 2 hours it dont update the BD updates just the hosts.
  3. do you add bitdefenders phishing protection / websites?
  4. shouldnt emsisoft get the same results as bitdefender antivirus but also be a bit better cause of there own engine + blocker.?
  5. I know emsisoft anti-malware uses bitdefenders engine and signatures but is there a delay or do the signatures get updated in real time at the same time as bitdefenders? Also when signatures get updated does bitdefenders website protection such as website blocking add in signatures? Also i read somewhere that you use an old version of bit defenders engine i doubt thats true but wanted to clear my mind on that. Thanks for any answers and your help.
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